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How to Settle My ICBC Injury Claim

December 5, 2013- This is only a problem if you do not have a lawyer because a personal injury lawyer’s job is, in part, to negotiate and settle your case. It is like asking “how do I fix my car?”, there are a lot of manuals and training courses out there to help you become a mechanic, but it is often smarter to pay to have an expert to fix your car rather than do it yourself.

Negotiating a Settlement with ICBC

As a claimant without a lawyer you probably have no experience negotiating a case with an adjuster or lawyer; no knowledge of the legal principles that apply to your case; no experience hiring the right experts; no real understanding of what questions to ask the experts you hire; you may lack funds to properly investigate your case; and you may not even know how to investigate your case and prove your injuries.

Assessing the Value of an ICBC Injury Claim

Simply put, your case is worth what you can prove. Settling your case with ICBC thus requires you to prove that the other driver is at fault and that your injury is the cause of your ongoing loss, whatever that may be.
Also, since the Supreme Court rule changes in 2010 to the settlement process, offers made before the starting of a lawsuit can be considered when trying to settle the issue of costs.
The best suggestion I can give is to call a personal injury lawyer and get a legal consultation. It’s often free and will be the best way to find out whether you really need a lawyer or whether it’s better to go it alone when settling you claim with ICBC.  For more information check out our short video about settling with ICBC.
Issue: Should I get a personal injury lawyer to settle my ICBC injury claim?
Posted by Personal Injury Lawyer Mr, Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.

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4 responses to How to Settle My ICBC Injury Claim

  • Renn Holness

    February 14, 2011 11:56pm

    The personal injury will also need to prove loss, injury, and damage. This can be in the form of the medical bills or lost wages that you suffered if you were unable to work as a result of the car accident.

  • charlotte injury lawyer

    February 11, 2011 3:54pm

    To effectively claim for personal injury, you will need to prove that the accident caused you some loss and injury. This can be in the form of the medical bills that you paid for, or lost wages that you suffered if you were unable to work as a result of the accident.

  • personal injury attorney charlotte

    January 18, 2011 9:33am

    This post can help anyone make an informed decision. Great Job!

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    December 1, 2010 6:29am

    [...] claimant swore that he never hired his injury lawyer for the second car accident. I have discussed settling  your claim with ICBC before and this case illustrates how communications with the Insurance Corporation of British [...]

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