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Future Care Costs of $90,000 Set Aside

In a surprising personal injury claim decision the British Columbia Court of Appeal  has remitting the matter of cost of future care to the judge for a fresh determination. ICBC successfully challenged the awards for massage therapy and physiotherapy; Botox injections to the right shoulder; prescription for Nortriptyline; chiropractic treatment; and seasonal cleaning and gardening assistance (Johal…

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Homemade Legal Services for Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claim Lawyers in Vancouver When organic means more than just what you eat, legal advocate Renn Holness provides natural justice to victims of personal injury. Mr. Holness has been providing legal services to victims of personal injury in Vancouver since 1995 and has never worked for any insurance company. We only work for…

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ICBC Doctor Examinations and the Requirement to Attend

ICBC  Medical Examinations Medical assessments and examinations conducted for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, will have profound implications on any personal injury claim. Here are some important requirements that must be in place before an injury claimant must attend at an ICBC doctor: 1. Being an ICBC Insured Being insured with ICBC is defined…

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What to do after a Car Accident a Checklist for the Injured

First Steps After an Auto Accident If you are at the accident scene: Move away from traffic; Make sure the police and paramedics have been called; Take photographs and video at the scene before the vehicles are moved; Obtain witness names and contact information- don’t talk to witnesses about how the accident occurred; Record details…

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Maximum Amounts For ICBC Injury Claims

Part of my job as a personal injury lawyer often is to help claimants understand how much money they are entitled to receive from ICBC after a car accident injury.  The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a Province wide government created insurance company responsible for compensated victims of personal injury on behalf of their…

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Credibility and not New Brain Science to Blame for Loss

After a car accident, a mild traumatic brain injury case usually relies heavily on the credibility of the claimant. With a normal MRI and no objective signs of injury, the court must rely on the credibility and reliability of the claimant and the strength of any corroborating evidence. The following appeal of a Brain Injury…

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ICBC Blanket Denials no Longer Acceptable to the Court

It is my experience as a lawyer representing car accident victims that ICBC and other insurance companies regularly deny all the facts alleged by an injury claimant in a lawsuit with little or no explanation. This type of response to a civil claim appears to no longer suffice as adequate pleadings in British Columbia.  In fact…

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No Binding Settlement as Entire Agreement not Considered

  A new standard for settlement proposals and settlement agreements has been set by the BC Court of Appeal .  In a dispute over whether a family law case was settled the court required the trial judge to analyze the evidence of the settlement agreement in light of all the material facts to determine the entire scope of…

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$130,000 Pain and Suffering for PTSD

In this post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) personal injury case the Claimant was driving along Como Lake Road in Coquitlam  when a van hit into the side of his vehicle. The other driver admitted liability, but disputed that the car accident induced PTSD in the claimant (Kim v. Khaw,2014 BCSC 2221). In many ICBC injury claims the insurance…

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