How Much Money Will I Get?

How much is my ICBC claim worth for pain and suffering, lost wages, treatment costs, ICBC injury claims, payouts, claim settlements and the like discussed in clear language. Personal injury lawyer Mr. Renn Holness assists personal injury claimants in deciding how much ICBC pays for injuries, whether to hire a lawyer, settle the case or go further with the claim.

Claimant Beats Best Offer to Settle but no Double Costs

An ICBC injury claim always gets to a point where offers to settle have to be made. If an injury claimant makes a reasonable offer and ICBC refuses to to accept the offer, the Court can punish ICBC if the … Continue reading

ICBC Hired Gun Rejected By the Court in Personal Injury Case

Medical Experts in personal injury cases are supposed to be impartial, independent and absent of bias. Dr. O.M. Sovio was qualified as an expert in orthopedic surgery in this personal injury case but his opinion was rejected by the Court. … Continue reading

Claiming Loss of Future Income in Personal Injury Cases

In this personal injury case study the issue of greatest disagreement was the appropriate award for future loss of earnings or loss of income-earning capacity. The ICBC claimant, 42 years old at trial, was involved in a motor vehicle accident … Continue reading

Reduction in Pain and Suffering Award for Failure to Mitigate

This injury claimant’s failure to follow medical advice resulted in a 10% reduction in the award for pain and suffering. The claimant was stopped at a red light at East 49th Avenue and Knight Street in Vancouver when his vehicle was rear-ended.  The court … Continue reading

Lower Burden of Proof for Future Events in Personal Injury Cases

This case provides an important restatement of the law of evidence regarding the burden of proof in personal injury cases: [110]   The burden of proof of actual past events is a balance of probabilities. An assessment of loss of … Continue reading

Road Rage Victim Awarded over $800,000 for Injuries

This claimant suffered serious injuries as a result of a road rage incident that began on the southerly on-ramp to the Second Narrows Bridge in Vancouver, and ended at the top of what is known as “the Cut” on Highway #1, in … Continue reading

How Much an ICBC Case is Worth After Deducting Benefits

The worth of an ICBC personal injury case can be significantly changed by accident benefits received.  ICBC accident benefits are deductible from a personal injury case award against an at fault driver in British Columbia. Here are some important benefits … Continue reading

Best Offer to Personal Injury Lawyer After Settlement Futile

ICBC injury claimants need to be aware that accepting an offer to settle is a binding agreement and further requests to ICBC to make their “best offer” will be futile. In today’s case study the court was asked by ICBC to declare … Continue reading

ICBC Injury Claimant Awarded Costs Despite Dismissal of Claim

In a stunning act of judicial deference this keen use of the broad discretion to award costs has allowed a personal injury claimant to recovery the legal costs of a claim despite dismissal of the action. The claimant was involved in two car … Continue reading

Claimant Beats ICBC Offer by $170,000 but no Double Costs

If an offer to settle a personal injury claim with ICBC is not in the proper form and not served on all the parties of record, the court can deny costs even if the offer is beat- Granja v. Jozsef, 2017 BCSC … Continue reading