ICBC Settlements

ICBC Personal Injury Claim Settlement Costs Denied

This personal injury lawsuit was settled about 10 days before the beginning of the trial, after the claimant accepted an Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, offer of settlement for approximately $155,000.00 plus costs and disbursements (Salsman v. Planes,2014 BCSC 1726). … Continue reading

Functional Capacity Evaluation Cost not Part of Personal Injury Settlement

This modest out of court motor vehicle accident settlement with ICBC concerned, in part, the costs of a Functional Capacity Evaluation (“FCE”) set up by the claimant’s personal injury lawyer.  The claimant suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and upper … Continue reading

Settlement of Two Personal Injury Claims means Double the Legal Costs

In this personal injury case involving two motor accidents occurring 6 months apart(Wang v. Dhaliwal,2014 BCSC 1662) the court awarded two set of legal costs totaling $13,000 in addition to the $59,000 out of court settlement. In British Columbia money … Continue reading

Offer to Settle Personal Injury Case Beat and Double Costs Awarded

This personal injury claimant beat her offer of settlement made 7 days before trial. As a result the Judge awarded the claimant double costs. The claimant was involved in a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Lougheed Highway and Pinetree … Continue reading

Personal Injury ICBC Offers to Settle Beat but 75% Costs Awarded

In this personal injury car accident case ICBC applied for an award of its costs or, alternatively, to deprive the claimant of their costs.  ICBC offered to settle for $50,000.00 with the husband and $150,000.00 for the wife. After more than … Continue reading

Settlement Offer to ICBC Exceeded But Double Costs Denied

This personal injury claimant offered to settle with ICBC for $60,000.00 one day before trial. The offer was only open for acceptance until that same afternoon at 4 p.m. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, insurer for the defendant, rejected the … Continue reading

ICBC Rejects $200,000 Offer After Judicial Settlement Conference

This is a review of an award of double costs against an ICBC insured for failure to accept a reasonable offer of settlement( J.D. v. Chandra,2014 BCSC 1272) . This successful personal injury claimant offered to settle her ICBC case for … Continue reading

ICBC Position on Costs Provokes Court Comment

After settlement of a personal injury case with ICBC  the last thing an injury claimant expects is another fight over the costs of the case. Well, currently the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, seems to be welcoming settlement with an … Continue reading

Settlement Offer Beaten and Claimant Awarded Double Costs

This successful personal injury claimant was awarded double costs of all steps taken in the lawsuit following an offer to settle he made in the week before the trial (Ostrikoff v. Oliveira,2014 BCSC 842). In ICBC personal injury cases additional costs … Continue reading

Promoting Settlement with Mediation Agreements- Reading the Fineprint

The settlement of personal injury cases in Canada just got more complex. The Supreme Court of Canada has eked out a new place for mediation contracts, in our legal arsenal of settlement tools, that contain absolute confidentiality clauses preventing parties … Continue reading