ICBC Settlements

Personal Injury settlements involving ICBC cases in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal of British Columbia. Professional articles written by Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness

Injury Settlement of $77,400 Reduced by Investigation Costs

In this personal injury case a formal ICBC offer to settle in the amount of $77,400 was accepted by the claimant just two weeks before an 8 day trial. ICBC conducted surveillance of the claimant starting the day after the … Continue reading

Injury Claim Settles for $85,000 But Insurer Fights Costs

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, is a government created corporate monopoly for third party auto insurance.  ICBC has recently began to use its’ power, after injury claimants accept an offer of settlement, to refuse injury claimants the cost of … Continue reading

Settling your Injury Claim Under Duress Without a Lawyer

As a personal injury lawyer since 1995 I have had many personal injury claimants call and regret settling their ICBC injury claims without a lawyer. It is very difficult to re-open a case after a settlement agreement release has been … Continue reading

Double Costs for not accepting Offer Unfair to the Injured

This significant unanimous decision has effectively done away with double costs for ICBC and other disability insurance companies in civil claims where the plaintiff obtains an award for less than an offer to settle (C.P. v. RBC Life Insurance Company, 2015 BCCA 30).  … Continue reading

ICBC Injury Claims include Cost of Functional Capacity and Cost of Care Reports

The Insurance Corporation of BC, ICBC,  seems to have adopted the practice of settling ICBC claims and then fighting the claimant’s necessary and reasonable litigation expenses after settlement. However, the following ICBC injury claim stands for the proposition that claimants … Continue reading

Injury Claimant Beat Offer to Settle But no Double Costs

In this personal injury case the Claimant made an offer to settle which was rejected by ICBC (the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia). He proceeding to trial and beat his offer by $920. However the Judge was not satisfied that … Continue reading

Car Accident Settlement – Costs Same Proportion as Liability

Once a claim for personal injury is settled there is often post settlement negotiations to award the reasonable case costs. This post settlement negotiation can have a dramatic impact on the money a claimant gets in their pocket after fees, … Continue reading

An Offer To Settle must be Served on all The Parties

When making an offer to settle a personal injury case with ICBC it is important serve the offer to settle on all parties of record. In BC Personal injury cases there are usually two main claims that need to be … Continue reading

No Binding Settlement as Entire Agreement not Considered

  A new standard for settlement proposals and settlement agreements has been set by the BC Court of Appeal .  In a dispute over whether a family law case was settled the court required the trial judge to analyze the evidence … Continue reading

Negotiating a Settlement with ICBC

My experience as a Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer allows me to share a few unique insights into ICBC negotiated settlements. Settlement with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia when you don’t have a lawyer is inherently unequal.  ICBC is a … Continue reading