ICBC Insurance Claims

Can ICBC Close My File?

No, ICBC cannot close your file. ICBC is governed by the protection of privacy legislation prohibiting indiscriminate destruction of personal information. If you have complied with the claim application process the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, typically has  30 to 60 days … Continue reading

ICBC Massage Therapy Payments – A Primer for the Injured

Learn the basics about massage therapy coverage after a car accident in today’s article. Designed for ICBC claimants and massage therapists we discuss therapy payments for car accident related injuries in British Columbia. Massage Therapy- ICBC Benefits ICBC is only required … Continue reading

ICBC Second Medical Examination Refused by Court

The ICBC adjuster required that the claimant attend at a medical examination with an orthopedic specialist following her car accident injury claim. The claimant attended and a medical report was ordered under Part 7, ICBC accident benefits.  The defendant then wanted the claimant to … Continue reading

ICBC Dial a Claim Phone Number Used to Record Statements

After a car accident a phone call to the ICBC dial a claim number at 604-520-8222 or 1-800-910-4222 will result in an internal ICBC report being created called a CL-75. As displayed in the following case, these reports to ICBC can … Continue reading

Claim for Loss of Use and Depreciation After a Car Accident

Losing the use of your dream car after a car accident can result in a claim for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Also, there could be an ICBC claim for accelerated depreciation of your vehicle, over and above the … Continue reading

Define ICBC in British Columbia

ICBC stands for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, the Provincially created auto insurance responsible for providing mandatory third party liability coverage. ICBC is the largest crown corporation measured by revenue. The ICBC Board consists of at least three directors appointed by … Continue reading

Injury Claim Made with ICBC in Three Steps

ICBC personal injury claims can become complicated to even the most experienced lawyers. After 21 years making ICBC injury claims as an injury lawyer I would like to share a few important tips to make your claim process easier. If you … Continue reading

ICBC Punished $155,000 for Failing to Disclosure Video of Claimant

ICBC has been stung with paying a car accident victim $155,340.86 in legal fees for failing to disclose a video showing her weakened and being taken away by ambulance! ICBC, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, disclosed to the jury only videos showing the claimant … Continue reading

“Enough is Enough” Cheering Rioters not Faulted for Stanley Cup Riots

The last game of the 2011 Stanley Cup Hockey series was broadcast on a live television outside the CBC building at Georgia and Hamilton Streets in Vancouver BC.  When the game ended, a riot erupted here and several cars were … Continue reading

ICBC Required to Pay Lost Wages for Delayed Total Disability

The Court of Appeal has done away with any legal basis for ICBC’s policy of denying disability benefits when total disability arises beyond the first 104 weeks  of a car accident(Symons v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,2016 BCCA 207 ). … Continue reading