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Motorcycle Accidents

$125,000 Nervous Shock Award for Accident Witness

The claimant witnessed his wife get hit by a motorcycle as they jaywalked across Yates Street in Victoria. Although not hit himself, the claimant suffered a severe emotional reaction. He therefore claimed compensation for the mental injury. Nervous Shock : Legal Elements “Psychiatric injury” is the favoured term over “nervous shock” (see 1999 decision of…

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Top Personal Injury Law Changes of 2018

Pain free life is valued as part of the dream of the Good Life by most Canadians.  The elimination of auto victims rights in 2018 and the increase in the ICBC monopoly on car insurance is therefore a shocking embarrassment to our democratic principles in British Columbia. Minor Injury Cap passed 2018 will apply to all car…

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Cocaine Use After Car Accident Reduces Injury Award

This car accident claimant had his injury claim reduced by 20% for failing to follow medical advice and abusing Percocet and cocaine, which interfered with his recovery. The claimant was riding his motorcycle west on Marine Way in Burnaby, BC  approaching a strip mall known as Market Crossing when a  vehicle in the lane beside him changed…

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Left Turning Truck 100% at Fault for Hitting Motorcyle

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal finding a  truck driver solely liable for the serious injuries suffered by a motorcyclist totaling $838,430 in losses. The injury claimant was seriously injured when the motorcycle he was riding collided with the front end of the left-turning transport truck (Ranahan v. Iron Horse Enterprises & Logistics Inc.,2018 BCCA…

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Christmas Day Motorcycle Ride Limits ICBC Injury Claim

This Christmas story involves four motor vehicle accidents all occurring within 2.5 years.  In a previous accident the claimant also sustained a serious brain injury. To make it more jolly, between the third and fourth accidents in issue, he was involved in two additional accidents. (Lamb v. Fullerton, 2016 BCSC 1694) Claims were made for pain and suffering,…

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$3 Million Award for Dirt Biker Injured by All-Terrain Vehicle

A claimant must prove three elements to win a personal injury case: (1) that the defendant owed him a duty of care, (2) that the defendant’s behaviour breached the standard of care, and (3) that the claimant suffered damage caused (in fact and law) by the defendant’s breach.  In this tragic case a dirt bike and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) collided…

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Driving off the Road not Always Negligent

There is no presumption of negligence in law simply because a vehicle hauling a trailer drives off the road. In a unanimous reversal this son’s negligence claim against his father has been sent back for a new trial.( click here to read Haynes v. Haynes, 2017 BCCA 131 ) A father and son were hauling a trailer loaded…

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Start Your Claim With ICBC for Personal Injury

Making an injury claim with ICBC, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, after a vehicle accident requires providing specific information and meeting certain deadlines. What you say to ICBC in the first 30 days can set the tone for how your injury case will be dealt with. How to start an injury claim with ICBC is made…

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Motorcyclist Faulted for Hitting Volkswagen Beetle

Today’s motor vehicle accident case occurred in in Mission, BC between a motorcycle and a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle. The collision occurred as the claimant’s motorcycle attempted to pass the defendant’s vehicle on the left which was making a left turn ( Tabori v. Renaud, 2016 BCSC 1242).  Two separate statements given to ICBC adjusters by a witness were reviewed by the…

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