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Pedestrian Accidents

$125,000 Nervous Shock Award for Accident Witness

The claimant witnessed his wife get hit by a motorcycle as they jaywalked across Yates Street in Victoria. Although not hit himself, the claimant suffered a severe emotional reaction. He therefore claimed compensation for the mental injury. Nervous Shock : Legal Elements “Psychiatric injury” is the favoured term over “nervous shock” (see 1999 decision of…

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Lawyers’ Car Accident Re-enactment Inadmissible Says Judge

This pedestrian personal injury claimant alleged that the defendant negligently drove his vehicle over the back of her left ankle and foot while she stood outside a parkade talking with friends. After the accident, the driver spoke with a representative of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, by telephone a notes of this conversation…

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Top Personal Injury Law Changes of 2018

Pain free life is valued as part of the dream of the Good Life by most Canadians.  The elimination of auto victims rights in 2018 and the increase in the ICBC monopoly on car insurance is therefore a shocking embarrassment to our democratic principles in British Columbia. Minor Injury Cap passed 2018 will apply to all car…

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Running Pedestrian with Hoody and Headphones 80% to Blame for Injuries

The Supreme Court found this running pedestrian, wearing a dark hoody with headphones 80% at fault for an accident resulting in her injury. The pedestrian appealed the finding that he was 80% at to blame for the accident.(Vandendorpel v. Evoy,2018 BCCA 442) The accident occurred at the intersection of Mount View Avenue and Sooke Road…

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Injured Jogger Sues Young Cyclist and Loses

In this personal injury case the claimant was jogging when he came up behind three young girls riding their bicycles. Two were on the sidewalk and one was riding on the street adjacent to the curb. The jogger intended to pass the girls on their right. As he was passing them, one ten year old moved her…

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Runaway Snowmobile Blamed for Serious Injury

This pedestrian suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a runaway snowmobile. The snowmobile operator had been thrown off the machine and the snowmobile sped one kilometre across open terrain before striking the claimant (Passerin v. Webb,2018 BCSC 289). The snowmobiler was not using the the tether cord which would have automatically shut off…

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Injury Claimant not Required to have X-ray

The claimant was a pedestrian struck and injured by a motor vehicle. This was an application by the defendant for an order that the claimant attend an appointment with a radiologist registered with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada of her choice to undergo an X-Ray examination of her legs and right shoulder and…

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Drunk Pedestrian Looking for a Fight Only 40% at Fault for Being Run Over

This intoxicated pedestrian, Mr. Joel Robert Michael Ackley, made fun of a driver’s dreadlocks and removed his shirt while waiting for the driver to emerge from the Subway (Ackley v. Audette,2015 BCSC 1272). As the driver tried to leave the parking lot Mr. Ackley tried to prevent him from getting into his car. When the driver got into his…

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Start Your Claim With ICBC for Personal Injury

Making an injury claim with ICBC, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, after a vehicle accident requires providing specific information and meeting certain deadlines. What you say to ICBC in the first 30 days can set the tone for how your injury case will be dealt with. How to start an injury claim with ICBC is made…

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Pedestrian Wins Appeal as Judge Fails to Consider Driver’s Fault

Even the most experienced personal injury lawyers need to pay attention to this case. The Court of Appeal has made it clear: When finding a pedestrian 100% at fault the court must analyze not only the pedestrian’s duty but also the driver’s duty of care (Vandendorpel v. Evoy, 2016 BCCA 270). Statutory provisions and the duties imposed by…

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