Slip and Fall

Without Prejudice Offers Not Admission of Liability

Personal injury lawyers and claimants need to know that a “without prejudice” letter from an insurance adjuster containing a request to settle does not extend the limitation deadline to start the lawsuit, says the Court of Appeal (Trombley v. Pannu,2016 BCCA 324).  The trial judge dismissed … Continue reading

Failure to Install Fire Alarms Not Cause of Injuries

Injuries caused by fire can often be prevented by the use of fire alarms, commonsense. However, the Court of Appeal does not accept this as commonsense, and dismissed this renter’s injury appeal on the basis that there was no evidence that the … Continue reading

Slipping Chair Causes Injury but Claim Dismissed

Business owners don’t have to provide safe chairs under the Occupier Liability Act(OLA) because chairs are not covered by this piece of legislation. The bank in this injury case provided the claimant with a chair to sit on to conduct his banking … Continue reading

Offer to Settle Results in 65% Double Costs Despite 50/50 Fault

In this offer to settle slip and fall case the court used its discretion and allowed a claimant that was found 50 % at fault to recover 65% of her costs. The claimant was also awarded double costs after the … Continue reading

“Unusual Danger” in Personal Injury Liability Eliminated

Many slip and fall personal injury claims in British Columbia have been successful because the judge determined that the owner of a property had created an unusual danger. However with the introduction of the Occupier liability Act the common law … Continue reading

Slip and Fall Injury Dismissed due to Delay

In personal injury cases, including slip and fall injuries, claimants are expected to move the litigation along and to name all of the right people and companies in the lawsuit. This dismissal of slip and fall case for want of prosecution (Morice … Continue reading

Filing for Personal Injury Compensation- How to Make an Injury Claim

British Columbia personal injury claims are different than anywhere else in the world for two mains reasons: 1. The creation of the  Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, and 2.  the limited access to private healthcare. In Canada less than … Continue reading

HurtBC Personal Injury Lawyers Always Working for Injury Claimants

After being injured in a car accident or fall and before you sign a statement for ICBC or give the insurance company permission to communicate with medical professionals and employers, consider getting professional advice.  About 1200 people a day are … Continue reading

Taxes on Legal Fees- PST, GST and Personal Injury Claims in BC

As of April 1, 2013 HST no longer applies to legal fees and legal services in BC.  In personal injury cases no income tax is payable on lawyer negotiated settlements for  pain and suffering compensation with the Insurance Corporation of British … Continue reading

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawyer- Tips for Business Premise Claims

  As a personal injury lawyer serving the Lower Mainland since 1995 I have successfully helped many  slip and fall injuries claimants. If you or someone you know has just been injured in a business establishment, check out my short video about … Continue reading