Chronic Pain

Offer to Settle ICBC Injury Case Beat and Double Costs Awarded

ICBC is now forced to pay double costs on behalf of their insured after failing to accept several reasonable offers to settle this personal injury claim. ICBC’s unreasonable conduct forced this claimant to pursue this car accident litigation for over 10 … Continue reading

$15,000 for Mental Distress and Total Disability Defined

This 36 year old injury claimant sought  an order requiring Empire Life Insurance Company  to pay her long-term disability benefits as the insurance company refused to pay the disability benefits (Tanious v. The Empire Life Insurance Company,2016 BCSC 110). The retroactive value of … Continue reading

$125,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Chronic Pain Syndrome

In this Chronic regional myofascial pain syndrome case the 35 year old ICBC claimant was stopped in her car at a red light when she was struck from behind by the defendant. Liability for the car accident was admitted. Injuries to … Continue reading

Teen Injury Award of $387,000 for Loss of Earning and Housekeeping Capacity Upheld

The claimant in this personal injury appeal(Crimeni v. Chandra,2015 BCCA 131) was injured in two car accidents, the first when she was 17 years old and in her last year of high school.  She suffered soft tissue injuries that left … Continue reading

$100,000 for Psychological Injury- Aggravation of Stuttering Condition

The claimant was rear-ended in a car accident and alleged he suffered chronic pain, with physical and psychological consequences, arising from neck and back injuries. The claimant had a longstanding stuttering condition since he was a young boy. The cause of … Continue reading

$100,000 Award for Pain and Suffering in Chronic Headache Case

Awards for pain and suffering are not calculated but rather assessed. In British Columbia personal injury lawyers provide Judges with a range of reasonable awards based on caselaw precedent.  The claimant in this chronic headache, neck, shoulder and low back … Continue reading

Family Doctor Not Required at ICBC Personal Injury Trial

No adverse inference was drawn by the judge after the claimant failed to have his family doctor testify at the personal injury trial. (Fabretti v. Gill,2014 BCSC 899). This ICBC injury case involved a car accident that occurred on the Pattullo … Continue reading

$140,000 Award for Pain and Suffering with no Income Loss

Money compensation from ICBC and other insurance companies for pain and suffering should be dictated by the amount claimants are able to obtain under the law. In this car accident case the personal injury claimant was driving along Jacklin Road … Continue reading

Car Accident Victim Awarded Life Long Yoga Membership

Yoga therapy likely mitigated further loss for this personal injury claimant as the trial judge awards life long Yoga therapy. The  Court of Appeal upheld this $28,000 award for a yoga club membership as part of the cost of future … Continue reading

$300,000 Personal Injury Settlement Offer Rejected- $250,000 repayment Ordered

This personal injury claimant suffered soft tissue injuries in a car accident which developed into pain disorder. The issue at trial was the assessment of damages, and the first jury awarded her $528,000.00. This amount was overturned on appeal creating a … Continue reading