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Volvo Loses Appeal on $4.8 Million Mental Injury Award

  In this personal injury case Volvo was found 100% liable for negligent manufacture, negligent design and failure to warn for a Volvo 780 truck purchased in 2007. The appellants, Volvo Trucks North America Inc. and National Truck Centre Inc. dba Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group, appealed an order that they pay damages to the…

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Rear Ending Vehicle Not Faulted for Agony of Collision

In this unusual car accident case the claimant was driving west on Marine Way in Burnaby approaching Byrne Road when a vehicle driving east lost control of his car, went over the median and collided with the claimant’s vehicle. Another vehicle was travelling west on Marine Way behind the claimant and rear-ended the claimant’s vehicle. The claims…

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Divisibility and Liability in Multiple Car Accident Claims

This Court of Appeal case arose from a three car accident personal injury claim. This case was complicated by numerous tortious and non-tortious incidents which caused or aggravated the chronic mental and physical injuries before and after the car accidents in question.(Khudabux v. McClary,2018 BCCA 234) A review of the trial judge’s reasons can be found at  $75,000 pain and suffering Award for…

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No Mistrial for Withdrawn Violation Ticket Presented to Jury

The personal injury claimant was turning left at a dedicated left-turn lane in order to enter the parking lot of Kensington Square Shopping Centre on East Hastings Street in Burnaby, B.C. and collided with another vehicle travelling eastbound on East Hastings Street (Jones v. Frohlick,2018 BCCA 170). He suffered a displaced fracture of the sternum, and injuries…

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City Failed to use Best Efforts to Fix Hazard Liable for Injury

This was an appeal by the City of Salmon Arm from a finding of negligence for injuries suffered when the claimant tripped over the metal base of a broken traffic sign that was protruding from a sidewalk. The judge concluded the City breached the standard of care in not locating and repairing the sign before the incident. The injury…

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$200,000 Award for Carbon Monoxide Brain Injury

 This husband and wife suffered brain injuries from carbon monoxide (“CO”) emissions when maintenance of their living room fireplace was negligently performed. The fireplace had been removed and later reinstalled and serviced by the defendant heating company (Edwards v. Parkinson’s Heating Ltd.,2018 BCSC 593).  The wife was awarded $50,000 and the husband $200,000 for the pain, suffering and…

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Runaway Snowmobile Blamed for Serious Injury

This pedestrian suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a runaway snowmobile. The snowmobile operator had been thrown off the machine and the snowmobile sped one kilometre across open terrain before striking the claimant (Passerin v. Webb,2018 BCSC 289). The snowmobiler was not using the the tether cord which would have automatically shut off…

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Prima Facie Inference of Negligence Wins Appeal

This injury claimant was a passenger in a single vehicle accident. The car accident occurred on Stillwater Main Road, a gravel logging road which intersects Highway 101 near Powell River, British Columbia. As the claimant’s vehicle approached the intersection, the driver lost control, the vehicle fishtailed, went up onto an embankment, launched into the air and rolled…

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Negligent Driver Denies Claimant in Car at time of Accident

The claimant was allegedly injured in a car accident on Kingsway, approaching the intersection at Hall Avenue, in Burnaby. However in this pithy decision the Court of Appeal permitted the negligent driver to dispute that the claimant was in the vehicle at the time of the car accident despite admitting negligence (Brennan v. Colindres,2017 BCCA 413). The negligent driver testified…

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