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Personal Injury Claim for Housekeeping, Yard and Home Maintenance Assistance Accepted by the Court

  Ward v. Klaus,2010 BCSC 1211 August 31, 2010- There was no settlement with ICBC on this relatively uncontentious rear end injury claim. The injury claimant was injured in a car accident at the parking lot of Evans Elementary School … Continue reading

Some Personal Injury Law Firms Working for ICBC also Represent Injury Claimants

August 30, 2010-  Did you know that ICBC requires their lawyers to enter into a written agreement which prevents the lawyer from  taking car accident cases against ICBC that allege bad faith or seek a money award to punish bad behaviour? Even the … Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyer Not Permitted to Guide Jury on the Value of the Claim for Pain and Suffering

 This is a good opportunity to review some basics on how your ICBC personal injury claim may be presented in front of a jury.  In British Columbia any party to a lawsuit involving personal injuries can ask the court for … Continue reading

The Top Personal Injury Lawyers In British Columbia Have a few Things in Common

  September 3, 2015- As a lawyer practicing exclusively in personal injury law  and only representing injury victims for more than 20 years I have seen a lot of people without lawyers ruin very good cases.  It is therefore extremely important to get yourself … Continue reading

Judge Rejects ICBC’s Argument that an Innocent Pregnant Injury Claimant was at Fault for Trying to Work

  Grewal-Cheema v. Tassone, 2010 BCSC 1182 August 25, 2010-  The claimant was injuried when she was waiting in traffic and suddenly rear ended.  The other driver admitted fault but ICBC  denied the injury claimant suffered  injury.  The injury claimant was pregnant and  her … Continue reading

Motorcylist Injuried but No Contact with the Other Vehicle- Injury Claim Dismissed

  Tierney v. GMAC Leaseco Corporation, 2010 BCSC 1179 August 24, 2010- This rather unusual “no car accident” accident involved a personal injury claimant that fell from his motorcycle when attempting to avoid another vehicle. The injury claimant foolishly set out … Continue reading

How Personal Injury Lawyers are Paid in British Columbia

November 22, 2011- Most injury claimants have never hired a personal injury lawyer before their car accident injury.  One of the most intimidating things about hiring an injury lawyer is the cost- How will you ever afford a lawyer? Well … Continue reading

Fight Your ICBC Claim With a Personal Injury Lawyer

  Your ICBC injury claim may be due to a car accident or you  may have been a pedestrian or a cyclist. ICBC is required to pay accident benefits, if your are an insured, whether they think you are all fault … Continue reading

Settling Your ICBC Injury Claim Without a Lawyer

October 31, 2016- Not all injury claimants need an injury lawyer in order to settle their injury claim.  If your ICBC bodily injury adjuster has been cooperative in funding recommended treatment and you fully recover in 4 to 6 weeks … Continue reading

Court Blames Injury Claimant for not Following Treatment Despite 72 Physiotherapy Visits

Schmidt v. Hawkins, 2010 BCSC 1154 August 17, 2010-  The claimant was driving her car between Sparwood and Invermere, British Columbia returning to Kamloops, British Columbia having attended a  birthday party in Sparwood. Just before the accident the injury Claimants’ vehicle … Continue reading