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September 2010

How Much Should I pay for My Personal Injury Lawyer in British Columbia

Can I afford an injury lawyer for my ICBC personal injury claim? Should I Settle my injury claim with ICBCwithout a lawyer? These are common questions that injury claimants ask when they call my personal injury law firm.  When it comes to legal fees whether you are in  in Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, or  any other part of…

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Personal Injury Lawyer Not Allowed to Withdraw Admission of Fault Made By ICBC

Surerus v. Leroux, ICBC Admission of Fault Case This personal injury claim arises as a result of a motor vehicle accident which occurred in Vernon, British Columbia. Three weeks after the claimant filed the lawsuit  the ICBC adjuster for the injury claim instructed her lawyer  to admit fault. The adjuster gave evidence that she gave those instructions without having turned her…

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Motorcycle Accident Injury Claimant Wins at our Top Court on his Loss of Profits Claim

Moore v. Brown, motorcycle accident case   In this personal injury case  an experienced personal injury lawyer in Victoria, British Columbia won an appeal of his client’s loss of profits claim.  The injury claimant, a geologist with a geological engineering company in Victoria, B.C.,  was riding his motorcycle when he collided with another  vehicle .  The claimant…

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Find a Top Personal Injury Law Firm in Vancouver to File Your Lawsuit If British Columbia has Jurisdiction

   Jordan v. Schatz, personal injury law firm Finding the best personal injury law firm in Vancouver does not matter if British Columbia has no jurisdiction over the injury claim. In this recently considered personal injury case a resident of British Columbia, was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Alberta by a resident of Saskatchewan.…

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Claimant Refuses to Settle for a Dollar and has Claim Dismissed- But ICBC not entitled to their Legal Fees

  Cue v. Breitkreuz, 2010 BCSC 1323   In this “He said she said” personal injury case the motor vehicle accident injury claim was dismissed by the judge but the judge refused to award ICBC the costs of defending the claim.   The injury claimant said the car accident occurred while he was stopped, waiting to make a left turn.…

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Injury Claimant did not Hire a Lawyer and has His Claim Dismissed on a Technicality

Ahmed v. Carrere, 2010 BCCA 409 Hiring  an affordable and competent injury lawyer is critical to the outcome of your case. The following case may never have gone to court had this injury claimant hired an injury lawyer and received proper legal advice.  The injury claimant appealed the order striking his lawsuit  but failed to file a proper…

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver Close to Top Courts and ICBC Head Offices

I  practise personal injury law in Vancouver and have represented injury claimants living in Surrey, Victoria, Prince George, throughout  British Columbia, Canada, and many countries in the world. Vancouver Canada is a cutting edge city with world class court rooms designed for the most current technology.

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ICBC Injury Claimant Proves Shoulder Injury Due to Car Accident

    Vershinin v. Hayward, 2010 BCSC 1315   The ICBC injury claimant  in this personal injury case was injured in a motor vehicle accident that occurred when he was struck by a vehicle that ran a red light. The other driver, insured by ICBC , admitted fault  for the car accident.   At issue were the  injuries  suffered in the accident, the…

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The Best Affordable Personal Injury Lawyers in British Columbia Never Compromise Quality

January 20, 2014- As a personal injury lawyer I have always accepted ICBC injury cases in which I get paid at the end of the case on a percentage. In fact, most injured claimants cannot afford to pay a lawyer up front and by the hour. I am a personal injury lawyer representing injury claimants for…

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ICBC Doctor Opinion Not Accepted After he Destroys his Notes

Houston v. Kine, 2010 BCSC 1289 This is an injury claim from  a motor vehicle accident  at Clarke Road and Glenayre Drive in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Fault was s admitted by ICBC on behalf of the defendants. The injury claimant was asking for compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life; loss of opportunity to earn…

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