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Car Accident Injury Lawyers Can Obtain Compensation For Nervous Shock

  In one of the best examples of remote nervous shock   is the case of a Vancouver mother  injured  in a car accident  near Golden, British Columbia while on her way to Banff on a holiday trip with her family and friends. She … Continue reading

How to Make an Accurate ICBC Claim

  No ICBC claimant in British Columbia needs talk to ICBC without first talking to a personal injury lawyer. In my personal injury law firm you will not have to pay our injury lawyers for the initial telephone consultation and you … Continue reading

Truck Accident Injury Award Reduced By Judge Despite Lawyer Funded Physiotherapy

March 12, 2012- This injury case was overturned by the BC Court of appeal and is no longer good law. See my personal injury article reviewing the Court of Appeal decision. In this Surrey personal injury lawsuit(Wahl v. Sidhu)  the injury claimant … Continue reading

ICBC Settlement Offer Rejected due to Bias of the Medical Expert Hired by ICBC Injury Lawyer

In this ICBC settlement injury case ( Jayetileke v. Blake)  the ICBC injury claimant was the victim of a rear end collision. In addition to soft tissue injuries, she began to suffer from vertigo. ICBC admitted fault for the car accident and the  trial … Continue reading

Help Getting Accident Benefits from ICBC for My ICBC Injury Claim

December 3, 2012- Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ( ICBC) injury claim benefits after car accidents must be paid to British Columbians that are insured by ICBC.  Loss of income due to a vehicle injury can entitle you to disability benefits from … Continue reading

Settle My Injury Claim on My Own

As a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia I have been asked many times from injury claimants whether it’s worth it to hire a lawyer for their injury claim.  Most of these claimants are fighting with ICBC or another insurance … Continue reading

Personal Injury Claim for Emotional Distress Rejected After Valet Parker damages a $200,000 Car

  This claim for emotional distress (Signorello v. Khan)began when the claimant drove his Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Convertible, worth $210,094.36, to Vancouver Airport to leave on a business trip.  As the court stated, “the car was in pristine condition with 21,000 km … Continue reading

Personal Injury lawyers Hired by Bus Drivers in BC can Argue Discrimination over the Company’s Attendance Management Program

Personal injury lawyers representing bus driver’s injured in car accidents resulting in chronic illnesses celebrated a victory in this Court of Appeal case (Coast Mountain Bus Company Ltd. v. National Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation and General Workers of Canada (CAW-Canada), Local 111). Continue reading