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Hit and Run Injury Claimant Wins- ICBC Allegations Struck Down by Court

In this hit and run motorcycle accident case (Nicholls v. Emil Anderson Maintenance Co. Ltd.) the  Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ( ICBC) lawyers were seeking  a court order dismissing an unidentified driver claim brought against it, on the basis that the injury claimant … Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyer Convinces Court two Injuries are Indivisible and Should be Awarded Jointly and Severally

The injury claimant in this personal injury case  had the misfortune of being involved in two motor vehicle accidents (Chalmers v. Russell).  In the first accident the claimant was driving on Dollarton Highway.  She had stopped at a red traffic light and then once … Continue reading

Car Accident Settlement Puts $39,000 Expert Bill in Dispute- Court Applies Proportionality to Reduce to $20,000.00

In this car accident settlement case(Stapleton v. Charambidis) the injury claimant  was involved in two motor vehicle accidents.  Fault for the first accident was a big issue so the lawyers agreed to have a trial on the issue of fault.  The trial judge found the injury claimant 80% at … Continue reading

Top Court Sends Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver back for New Trial on Car Accident Case

The British Columbia top court, Court of Appeal,  in this Vancouver filed car accident personal injury claim(Sobolik v. Waters) decided that the trial judge made an error when explaining the law regarding loss of earning capacity to the jury. This personal … Continue reading

Car Accident Claimant Suffered Psychiatric and Physical Injury Denied by ICBC

In this physical and Psychiatric injury case( Jokhadar v. Dehkhodaei) the claimant was driving east along Marine Drive through the Lions Gate Bridge interchange when she suddenly saw headlights coming toward her. She braked and shut her eyes on impact. She recalls little of … Continue reading

Total Disability Defined for Personal Injury Lawyers and Claimants in Britsh Columbia

Personal injury lawyers  in British Columbia work  for many injury claimants that have been denied disability benefits by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC,  or other insurance companies on the grounds that their injuries are not totally disabling. Often the injury claimant is physically … Continue reading

Brain Injured Infant Approved for 60 Day Personal Injury Trial

In this personal injury brain injury (Jones v. Donaghey)case the infant claimant was an aboriginal child living with his parents on a reserve.  The Director of Child Welfare took him into care, and eventually  placed him in a foster home.  The personal … Continue reading

Recognized Leaders Find “Specializing” for Personal Injury Lawyers not Improper Term

I have been a Vancouver lawyer specializing in personal injury law since 1995 representing car accident ICBC injury claimants and people injured through the fault of others . In British Columbia there is currently no special status or accreditation for lawyers with … Continue reading

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers Forced to Attend Court for Judge Hearings

 Personal injury lawyers in British Columbia best pay attention as you are now  required  by the rules of court to attend a Trial Management Conference( TMC) in Supreme Court if you plan to go to court. This amazingly also applies to … Continue reading

Car Accident Whiplash Injury Claimant Wins in Minimal Damage Claim

The injury claimant was a front seat passenger in her father’s Honda Civic in this whiplash injury claim(Chamberlin v. Profeit).  She was on Ospica Drive, in the City of Prince George, when her vehicle collided with another vehicle and that driver admitted … Continue reading