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Head Injury ICBC Settlements Involving Limb Injury and Malpractice Allegations

Being a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver British Columbia settling injury claims since 1995 I have dealt with cases in which the injury claimant has suffered a brain and spinal cord injury in a car accident and ICBC claims that … Continue reading

Car Accident Award for Personal Injuries Accounts for the Claimant’s ability to become a Police Officer

 This accident injury claimant was  a 27-year old recent graduate from Simon Fraser University when he was involved in the car accident(Lee v. Jarvie) which is the topic of my post. In the weeks prior to the accident the claimant was … Continue reading

Insurance Corporation of British Columiba Offer of Settlement Should have been Accepted

  The injury claimant in this Insurance Corporation of British Columbia hit and run case(Dickson v. Insurance Corporation of Canada, 2010 BCSC 1834) was in a car accident with a person that fled the scene. The claimant injury lawyer was able to … Continue reading

3 Top Tips to Help find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer For Your ICBC Claim

For head injury and traumatic brain injury many of my best readers know that I have been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 helping claimants in Supreme Court as well as responding to ICBC appeals to the  Court of Appeal of … Continue reading

ICBC Injury Claim Against Dead Driver of a Stolen Vehicle- Is there Compensation?

I am a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver and was in court chambers this week on an interesting matter.  The courthouse was probably the busiest I have every seen with almost 90 court applications scheduled to be heard by one … Continue reading

Statement made to ICBC Consistent with Facts and Injury Claimant Found not to be at Fault

In this left turn car accident case (Kelly v. Yuen) the injury claimant was driving at the intersection of West Broadway and Manitoba Street in Vancouver, BC. West Broadway at this intersection is a three-lane street in each direction. The claimant was … Continue reading

ICBC Gets Personal Injury Award Reduced as Claimant not trying Hard Enough

  In this personal injury case (Cripps v. Overend) the claimant suffered  personal injuries in a motor vehicle accident on 168th Street in Surrey, British Columbia but failed to take adequate steps to rehabilitate after his injury. The accident was a  T-bone  impact … Continue reading

ICBC Not Required to Pay Car Accident Benefits for Amercian Insured-Power of Attorney and Undertaking

This case,Moldovan v. ICBC, started as an injury claim for ICBC Part 7 accident benefits(or “no fault benefits”) arising out of a motor vehicle accident which occurred in Coquitlam, British Columbia. I have been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver representing injury claimants … Continue reading

ICBC Pays for all lawyers appeal to Top Court in Personal Injury Case

In this puzzling  ICBC  top appeal on an award for income loss (Laxdal v. Robbins, BCCA) the injury claimant was involved in a four car motor vehicle accident on Bowen Road near the intersection of Pryde Avenue in Nanaimo, B.C.  Fault for the accident … Continue reading

Vancouver Car Accident Claimant Migraines not Due to Accident

This Vancouver car accident injury claim(Helgason v. Bosa)  occurred at the intersection of Victoria Drive and Hastings Street in Vancouver BC.  The injury claimant was southbound on Victoria Drive and was stopped at a red light prior to entering the intersection … Continue reading