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January 2011

Car Accident Claimant Sues ICBC For Hit and Run- Fleeing Driver at Fault but ICBC Claim Dismissed

In this three vehicle  ICBC hit and run accident case ( Lort v. Kwan, 2011 BCSC 86) the injury claimant was asking for compensation for personal injuries suffered in an accident that occurred on West Broadway Street between Ash Street and Cambie Street in Vancouver. The claimant was driving his Harley Davidson motorcycle eastbound on West…

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Top Car Accident Lawyers are Independent of Government and Legal Fees are Regulated

As a lawyer I represent personal injury claimants in British Columbia and have come to appreciate how important it is to advocate for injury claimants  independent of government and ICBC, which was created by government in 1972.  Imagine a world where a government run insurance company could control what your lawyer was allowed to do and say. Perhaps even…

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Brain Injury Claimant Awarded $5.9 Million But only Gets $1 Million due to Lack of Insurance and Settlement Agreement

I have been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 representing injury claimants and can say that this brain injury falling case (Danicek v. Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang, 2011 BCSC 65) stands out for me as an example of the liability insurance system gone wrong.  The injury claimant, a young lawyer, suffered serious and permanent injuries…

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Car Accident Lawyers on a frolic of their own ordered to pay ICBC Special Costs

In this car accident case(Chen v. Beltran, 2011 BCSC 41) the court  dismissed  the litigation guardian’s claim on behalf of her injured son arising from an accident in which the boy sustained serious injury. The accident occurred  when the child, riding a skateboard, entered the intersection of 10th Street and Royal Avenue in New Westminster and was…

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Personal Injury lawyer Proves Accident Caused the Injured Pedestrian to Abuse Alcohol

In this pedestrain injury case( Zawadzki v. Calimos, 2011 BCSC 45) the claimant was hit by a U-Haul truck while  he was walking north on 20th Street in New Westminster, British Columbia . the driver denied being at fault throughout the trial. At the beginning of closing submissions, liability was admitted but the driver tried to argue that the…

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Brain Injury Claimant Sues Vancouver Strip Club and Claim Dismissed as Force was Reasonable

The Vancouver injury claimant in this injury case(Kasendi v. Cecil Hotel Ltd, 2011 BCSC 53) was ejected from the exotic show lounge at the Cecil Hotel by its lounge security manager and other security staff. The claimant alleges that the ejection was without cause and in breach of the Cecil Hotel’s obligations to him and caused him…

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Should I Talk to ICBC Before I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

November 28, 2016- I know from being a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver BC since 1995 that timing can be critical to the outcome of a personal injury claim.  There are time restrictions in British Columbia for making an injury claim with ICBC so whether you have hired a lawyer or not a written report…

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Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in British Columbia- Specialization and Preferred Areas of Practice

The Hot new top issues for injury lawyers in British Columbia, usually involving ICBC and car accidents, are not always what injury claimants are interested in hearing about. Finding the right personal injury lawyer to help you with your ICBC claim or other injury claim on the other hand is a critical and important  issue to most…

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Personal Injury Lawyer Establishes Presumption of Negligence with Scant Evidence Winning the Injury Case

   In this single car accident injury case (Bassi v. Bassi, 2010 BCSC 1896) the law of presumed negligence just got a shot in the arm. Top personal injury lawyers in BC will want to take notice of this case if the injury claimants are unable to give evidence about how the accident occurred and can…

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Offer To Settle Injury Claim Must Take Into Account Unpaid ICBC Accident Benefits

 If the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, lawyer gives an injury claimant an offer to settle their injury case, ICBC is usually entitled to their legal and out of pocket expenses after the date of the offer, if the injury claimant refuses the offer and gets less at trial.  Personal injury lawyers hired to help…

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