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The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver Now need to Serve Medical Reports 84 days Before Trial

  November 5, 2014- As a personal injury lawyer in BC since 1995 I can say that if you are going to stay on top of your practice of personal injury law it is important that you review all of … Continue reading

Car Accident Injury Claimant not at Fault for Refusing to Undergo Cortisone Injections

  The Court of Appeal overturned a decision by a trial judge to reduce a claimants award by 10% for refusing to undergo cortisone injections. There appears to be no new law created in this Insurance Corporation of British Columbia … Continue reading

How to File an ICBC Injury Claim- Is ICBC Your Insurance Company?

Very practical tips and legal advice specific to your injury claim will only come from a personal injury lawyer you have hired to represent you.  I am a personal injury lawyer working for the injured, I don’t work for ICBC or other … Continue reading

ICBC Hit and Run Coverage not Considered Social Welfare-$200,000 Fund to be Divided Amongst All Claimants

In this motorcycle hit and run appeal (Thoreson v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,2011 BCCA 130) the claimant was injured in an accident that occurred near Vernon, British Columbia. The claimant was driving a rented Harley Davidson motorcycle and his girlfriend … Continue reading

Injury Claimant’s Credibility Put into Question after Court Finds that he was, “leading a secret life”

In this coming out of the closet injury claim (Kitney v. ICBC) the court accepted that the claimant was involved in a serious accident and suffered a retinal tear and strains of the neck and mid- and low-back. However, despite … Continue reading

Lawyer Was Right to Withdraw from the Case But Court Reduces His Legal Fees

In this dispute over legal fees (Pihl Law Corp. v. McCall, 2011 BCSC 328) the client hired a lawyer to help resolve a $100,000.00 tax bill with CRA. The client said that the lawyer was introduced to him as a tax … Continue reading

Top Personal Injury Lawyers in British Columbia will now Want to Include More Legal Analysis in Court Applications

Typically, as in this Victoria personal injury case(Zecher v. Josh, 2011 BCSC 311), ICBC and other insurance companies will demand that injury claimants disclose medical records, employment records, and school records dating  back before the car accident.  The best personal injury … Continue reading

Will Bicycle Injuries be Reduced with Vancouver Bike Lanes?

  As Vancouver personal injury lawyer since 1995 I have represented many cyclists and pedestrians that claim their lives were put at risk by poor road design or improper signage. Most car accidents involving cyclists in my experience, however, occur because … Continue reading

Road Maintenance Company Liable for Car Accident as They Failed to Sand the Road

In this road maintenance appeal (Billabong Road & Bridge Maintenance Inc. v. Brook, 2011 BCSC 297) the Provincial Court of BC had ordered the road maintenance company to pay the claimant for damages arising out of a motor vehicle accident that occurred … Continue reading

Despite ICBC Refusal to Pay Accident Injury Benefits the Court of Appeal Forces Payment

This ICBC accident injury case(Hagen v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,2011 BCCA 124) poses the question of whether a driver of a motorcycle with a Class 6L learner’s licence is in breach of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations where, having … Continue reading