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Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claim Against Safeway Dismissed-Laws in BC

The Claimant was  injured when she slipped and fell while shopping at Safeway (Charlie v. Canada Safeway Limited, 2011 BCCA 202) in Duncan, BC.  She brought a lawsuit against Safeway claiming that it failed to fulfill its duty to keep the premises reasonably safe.  This … Continue reading

Explain How to Make an ICBC Injury Claim with no Lawyer- Car Accidents and Personal Injury

April 25, 2014- The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, is one of the largest auto insurance companies in Canada and if your search for a personal injury lawyer has been fruitless you need to read on. Making an injury … Continue reading

Car Accident Injury Claims Reduced Due to ICBC Statements

In this ICBC brain injury lawsuit (Jampolsky v. Shattler,2011 BCSC 494) the claimant was involved in four car accidents all of which the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, was the insurer of the other drivers. The claimant was a 28 year old Surrey resident at … Continue reading

Medical Exam of Car Accident Claimant Denied-Personal Injury Lawyers Can No Longer Hand up Written Arguments to the Court

In this injury claim ICBC was denied a medical examination of the claimant(Labrecque v. Tyler, 2011 BCSC 429).  This personal injury lawsuit  arises  from injuries allegedly suffered in three motor vehicle accidents.  All three lawsuits are subject to Rule 15-1 of the SCCR, … Continue reading

Jury Dismisses Defamation Case and Judge Finds Alleged Injury Too Remote for Compensation

  As a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia since 1995 I am often asked to prosecute injury claims resulting indirectly from an event. For example, a car swerves to avoid a truck going through a red light and the … Continue reading

Personal Injury Claimant Refuses ICBC Offer of $500,000 and only gets $10,595 from the Court

In this ICBC costs of personal injury case ( Danicek v. Li,2011 BCSC 444) the claimant was offered $500,000.00 to settle her car accident case with ICBC. She rejected the ICBC offer and went to court where the judge only … Continue reading

How to File My ICBC Injury Claim- ICBC as Your Insurance Company

There has been little change to the law relating to filing and reporting  your injury claim to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, since my last post about car accident injury benefits from ICBC. In this article I will … Continue reading

Victoria Personal Injury Claimant Ordered to Attend Medical Examinations in Vancouver

  In this truck accident injury claim (Parsons v. Mears, 2011 BCSC 397)  the claimant, a Victoria resident,  was operating a truck  when it became stuck in mud. A good samaritan, Mr. Mears,  attempted to pull the truck out of the mud using a cable … Continue reading

Car Accident Injury Tips- Making the Best of Your Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many more personal injury lawyers in Vancouver than anywhere else in British Columbia. That is why many claimants come to Vancouver from outside the Lower Mainland to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Once you have hired your lawyer … Continue reading

ICBC Injury Claimant Makes Truck Accident Statement Containing Obvious Exaggerations

  This personal injury claim filed in Vancouver BC (Manson v. Kalar, 2011 BCSC 373) arose from a motor vehicle accident which occurred when the claimant’s vehicle was rear-ended by a vehicle.  The other driver admitted fault and the trial was limited to … Continue reading