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May 2011

Car Accident ICBC Injury Claimant Wins Hit and Run Case

In this ICBC denied hit and run accident claim(Burton v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2011 BCSC 653) the injury claimant sued the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (“ICBC”), under section 24 of the Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 231, as it then was, as a nominal defendant, arising out of a hit and run…

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Government Has No Duty to Act In Best Interest of Injured Care Residents says Supreme Court of Canada

Personal injury lawyers need to understand that provincial governments owe injury claimants no duty of care. In this Supreme Court of Canada case the  residents of  long-term care facilities  sued as a class, alleging that the government artificially elevated the required resident contributions to subsidize medical expenses that were properly the responsibility of government.(Alberta v. Elder Advocates…

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Bicycle Accident Victim has to Pay Costs for Failing to Accept ICBC Offer to Settle

This is a good example of a personal injury case win that really turns out to be a loss (Dempsey v. Oh, 2011 BCSC 627). The injury claimant was riding his bicycle when he collided with a vehicle being driven by the defendant, likely insured by ICBC.  The Judge awarded the claimant $20,000 for pain and suffering and $629.96…

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Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Finds Best Place to File and Present Car Accident Cases

  Most that strive to be the top personal injury lawyers in British Columbia will not only be members in good standing with the Law Society of BC but also will be able to access the important resources for fighting ICBC injury claims  in a cost effective and timely manner.  For my practice (Holness Law…

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Medical Malpractice Case Settles for $200,000 and Claimant Entitled to Costs of Expert Reports

In this Vancouver medical malpractice lawsuit (Fairchild v. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, 2011 BCSC 616 ) the injury claimant settled the day before a 10 day trial for some $200,000 plus costs and disbursements. The claimant fell while skiing at Whistler, British Columbia, fractured her leg and was taken to a clinic in Whistler. She was discharged from…

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Injury Claim Arising from Four Car Accidents Results in $119,000 Award

The injury claimant in this multiple rear-end car crash case(Keenan v. Fletcher, 2011 BCSC 520) was a 46-year-old police officer with the New Westminster Police Service. Amazingly the claimant was involved in four motor vehicle accidents in the same year, all of which ICBC admitted liability. She claims she suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck, right shoulder and lower back,…

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The Number for ICBC Dial-a-Claim Can be used After Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

  As a personal injury lawyer representing innocent injury claimants against the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, I have no problem giving claimants the number to ICBC dial-a-claim (604-520-8222 or 1-800-910-4222 outside the Lower Mainland). I only represent the injured not ICBC or any other insurance company. Remember you should have a friend or family member…

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Car Accident Claimant Fails to Beat ICBC Offer and Punished by the Court of Appeal

  In this minor car accident Jury trial case (Gehlen v. Rana, 2009 BCSC 1484) the injury claimant was awarded $13,486 by the Jury yet before the trial ICBC, the insurance company defending the at fault driver, had offered $22,000.00 to settle the case. The trial concerned both liability and damages for a motor vehicle accident…

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Car Accident Injury With No Collision Results in Personal Injury Compensation

In this no impact car accident injury case(Pang v. Dhalla, 2011 BCSC 564) the claimant alleged personal injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident as he was proceeding towards Richmond, B.C., southbound on Fir Street near 12th Avenue.  As he approached the intersection a vehicle that had been stopped behind left turning vehicles in the left lane, turned…

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