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ICBC Injury Claimant Gets to Have Employer Appear In Court by Video Conferencing

In this Kelowna car accident case ICBC requested a video deposition of a past employer of the injury claimant.(Seder v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,2011 BCSC 823).  The personal injury claimant alleged that she suffered both physical and psychological injuries from a … Continue reading

ICBC Injury Adjuster Denied Request to Attend Court By Phone in Place of His Lawyer

In this ICBC adjuster personal injury case( Luis v. Haw,2011 BCSC 815) the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia made a most bizarre request that the ICBC bodily injury adjuster attend at a mandatory trial management conference in place of the ICBC lawyer … Continue reading

Accident Injury Claims in Vancouver Lead to $201,000 Award for Loss of Mortgage Business

In this two car accident  low back personal injury lawsuit(Doho v. Melnikova,2011 BCSC 703) the main issues that led this ICBC case to not settle were: loss of opportunity to earn past income; reduction of  the injury claimant’s future earning capacity; ICBCs’ allegation that … Continue reading

Injury Benefits Lawsuit Severed from Claim of Bad Faith- Apply to ICBC Accident Benefits?

In this chronic low back pain disability claim (Brennand v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2011 BCSC 759)  Sun Life issued a group policy of insurance to Telus Corporation in which Sun Life agreed to provide group long-term disability benefits  … Continue reading

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Upheld Due to Poor Maintenance Program

In this slip on ice personal injury case appeal (Foley v. Imperial Oil Limited,2011 BCCA 262) the injury claimant was injured at a car wash at an Esso service station in North Vancouver, British Columbia. the injury claimant  slipped on a small patch … Continue reading

Car Accident Claimant Awarded Legal Fees Despite Low Personal Injury Award

  In British Columbia car accident injury claimants that bring their lawsuit in Small Claims Court are not entitled to a contribution toward their legal fee even if they win the case. If an award for a personal injury is … Continue reading

How to File an ICBC Car Accident Injury Claim: Collecting Money for Your Personal Injury

As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 I have been asked by Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) injury claimants to best articulate  the most common ways to obtain compensation from the driver that is responsible for the car … Continue reading

Severely Brain Damaged Infant Loses Injury Claim Against Doctor

In this unfortunate medical malpractice infant case (Ediger v. Johnston,2011 BCCA 253) the trial judge initially found that the surgeon had breached the standard of care and failed to obtain the injury claimant’s informed consent to the procedure, but the Court of Appeal disagreed and dismissed … Continue reading