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February 2012

Injury Claimant Not required to Attend Insurance Company Medical Examination

  In many ICBC personal injury cases the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia will instruct their lawyers to send claimants for medical assessments. However, in this medical examination denied case (Turnbull v. Yarmohammadi, 2 BCSC 287) the court refused to order the claimant to attend a defence medical examination with a neurologist.  Master Baker pointed out,…

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How to Make a Hit and Run Personal Injury Claim with ICBC

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia controls a fund for personal injury victims injured by at fault hit and run drivers. Without this unique coverage, a person injured by an unknown driver would have no way of getting compensation for the losses due to the negligence of the other driver. There are strict reporting requirements under…

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Boy Loses Personal Injury Claim For Second Time in Bicycle Accident Case

In this infant personal injury claim a six year old boy riding his bicycle (McIlvenna v. Viebig, 2012 BCSC 218) was injured in a car crash with a motor vehicle.  The car accident occurred  near an uncontrolled T-intersection where a road that runs along the west side of the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall  intersects with Library Road in Delta, British Columbia.   The young…

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ICBC Adjuster Required to Produce notes and Investigation Report in Car Accident Injury Case

  This was an application for production of ICBC documents in a car accident injury case(Bako v. Gray,2012 BCSC 204). The injury claimant applied for production of various documents which had been listed by the defendant in Part 4 of his List of Documents subject to a claim of litigation privilege.     The injury claimant  alleged that the…

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Car Accident Fibromyalgia Award of $125,000.00 for Pain and Suffering upheld on Appeal

This appeal concerned the amount  awarded as a result of two motor vehicle accidents that occurred in quick succession(Morlan v. Barrett, 2012 BCCA 66) . The first accident was a head-on collision. After that collision, the claimant got  out of her vehicle to speak with the other driver.  A few minutes later, she returned to her vehicle…

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Severe Brain Injured Car Accident Claimant has $2.9 Million Award Reduced by $350,000 on Appeal

The injury claimant was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident when a tractor-trailer struck and crushed her Volvo inside the Massey Tunnel near Delta, B.C.  She suffered extensive injuries including a severe brain injury(O’Connell v. Yung,2012 BCCA 57). The trial judge awarded more than $2.9 million in this personal injury case and ICBC, as the insurer…

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Claimant Awarded Aggravated and Punitive Damages arising from Employers Misconduct

The claimant was employed as a store manager at the 28th & Main liquor store in Vancouver operated by the Liquor Distribution Branch (the “LDB”) and had worked for LDB for over 30 years. Another employee made a written complaint about the claimant and the LDB terminated the claimant’s employment without notice. The claimant won her lawsuit that…

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