Monthly Archives: March 2012

Car Accident Injury Claimant on Maternity Leave at Trial Awarded over $120,000.00

The injury claimant was injured when the car she was driving was rear-ended by another vehicle(Fell v. Morton,2012 BCSC 428). Fault for the accident was admitted but causation and quantum remained in dispute likely by the insurer ICBC , given that the car … Continue reading

Settlement Offers Allowed as Evidence at Civil Trial due to Egregious Threats

As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 I have made many without prejudice offers to settle car accident injury claims as well as other personal injury claims. Off the record settlement offers usually have a blanket protection which … Continue reading

ICBC Denied Access to Injury Claimant’s Medical Services Plan History Printout in Car Accident Case

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia in most car accident personal injury claims will try to get the claimant’s Medical Services Plan(MSP) printout. The BC Supreme Court has confirmed again that ICBC is not entitled to the MSP printout in a personal injury … Continue reading

Personal Injury Award Conflates Legal Causation with Assessment of Damages Says Court Of Appeal

This car accident injury case was sent back for a new trial because the Court of Appeal found that the  trial judge was wrong in reducing the injury claimants award for failure to following medical advice (Wahl v. Sidhu, 2012 BCCA 111). I reviewed … Continue reading

Free Legal Advice for your ICBC Personal Injury Claim In Social Media

When getting free legal advice for a car accident, bike collision or pedestrian injury in social media the best lawyers will make it clear if and when you have to start paying legal fees. I have been a personal injury lawyer … Continue reading

ICBC’s misconduct and Bad Faith in Car Accident Claim Results in Punitive Damage Award

This is a Court award Punishing ICBC  $75,000.00 for Bad Faith (McDonald v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2012 BCSC 283) after the BC Supreme Court found the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia’s  conduct to be harsh, high-handed and oppressive and a marked departure from the … Continue reading