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May 2012

Report to ICBC dial-a-claim Different than Evidence in Court

  This was a collision coverage claim against Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, (King v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2010 BCSC 1740) for a declaration of insurance coverage relating to a car  accident which occurred at the intersection of Highway No. 1 and the Brunette Avenue exit in the City of Coquitlam, British Columbia.  ICBC alleged…

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How Much Should I get from ICBC for a Whiplash Injury?

As a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia I am often asked, “How much is my ICBC car accident injury worth?” by clients and potential clients.  Many car accident injury claims involve damages to the muscles and ligaments (soft tissue) in the neck which is commonly referred to as Whiplash.  For the purpose of injury…

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Injured Cyclist in ICBC Hit and Run Case Wins 70% Fault Against Unidentified Driver

In this passing on the right bicycle case (Ormiston v. I.C.B.C.,2012 BCSC 665), the injury claimant fell from his bicycle while descending a steep hill along Lindholm Road in the District of Metchosin near Victoria, BC.  He sustained serious injuries for which he seeks compensation.  The Court only decided on the issue of liability and the issue…

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Statement to ICBC Evidentiary Basis for Finding of Negligence Says Court of Appeal

This BC Court of Appeal personal injury case is another example of just how important an ICBC statement is in a car accident lawsuit(Power v. White, 2012 BCCA 197). The Court upheld the decision of the Supreme Court of BC finding the rearending driver fully at fault despite the injury claimant having swerved and braked in front…

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Injury Lawyers Best to Use Court Rules with ICBC Claims

  When the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia decides to deny a personal injury claim after a car accident, often the only recourse is to file a lawsuit. Depending on the level of court, there are rules that control the court proceeding and claimant  lawyer’s best options are usually assisted by the use of the…

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Facebook Photos In Personal Injury Lawsuit Ordered Produced Despite Privacy Concerns

Personal injury claimants in British Columbia should be aware of how the Courts deal with photos and videos kept at their Facebook accounts. As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 I have had to address privacy concerns for my personal injury clients in almost every case. With the evolution of social media, insurance…

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