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How to Respond to an ICBC Offer of Settlement

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, has the power to settle thousands of car accident cases worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year, profoundly changing the  lives of thousands of the British Colombians.  Being a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver … Continue reading

Future Care Costs Award in Car Accident Injury Claim Reduced by Court of Appeal

After suffering  injuries in what ICBC referred to as a low velocity impact car accident the trial judge awarded the claimant $115,975 for cost of future care in addition to awards for pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses.  … Continue reading

ICBC Not Required to Help Injury Claimant make a Proper Hit and Run Claim

In British Columbia people that are injured in hit and run car accidents can claim against the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, for their losses. There are however many limitations and exceptions as this money is coming from an … Continue reading

How Much Should You Pay for a Lawyer to Help with an ICBC Injury Claim

The amount personal injury lawyers can charge for a legal fee is regulated by the Law Society of British Columbia and lawyers are not free to charge whatever they want. Whether the lawyer decides to charge by the hour or based … Continue reading

Low Velocity Car Accident Claimant Awarded $22,500 for 14 Month Soft Tissue Injury

In some injury claims the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, may deny the claim based on the minimal car damage and low estimated speed of impact. However, the Court in BC has said many a time that damage to … Continue reading

Car Accident Injury May Cause Flare ups of Pain But No Loss of Earning Capacity

The injury claimant was an accounting student at the time of this head-on car accident(Pisani v. Pearce,2012 BCSC 1118). One of the key issues related to the extent her symptoms may impact her plan to become a chartered accountant. The … Continue reading