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September 2012

ICBC says not Necessary to get lawyer But Court Dismisses Injury Claim

In this late filed personal injury lawsuit(Tolentino v. Gill, 2012 BCSC 1383)the claimant was injured in a car accident and met with an ICBC adjuster soon after the accident. The insurance adjuster, employed by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), was aware that the claimant had not talked to a lawyer and advised him…

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How to Settle Your ICBC Claim- Legal Causation for Personal Injury

In my negotiating experience as a personal injury lawyer most  cases involving the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, settle based on offers made before the beginning of a trial. It is not uncommon for injury claimants to receive offers of settlement from ICBC before the claimant has hired a lawyer and before the injury has…

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ICBC Has Bad Faith Claim Severed from Insurance Coverage Issues

In this bad faith ICBC claim(Shaffner v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2012 BCSC 1263) the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia  denied the plaintiff’s claim under an  insurance policy alleging she had falsely declared that she was the principal operator of the vehicle. As well, ICBC took the position that the plaintiff had made false representations material to…

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Toothbrush Defect Injury Claimant Cannot Force Colgate President to be Witness

In this unusual personal injury dental case(Alnoor v. Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc.,2012 BCSC 1342) the claimant alleges that a defect in a toothbrush manufactured by the defendant caused her serious injury.  The claimant said that the toothbrush fractured in two places while she was brushing her teeth and she claims substantial damages for injuries she says she suffered as a result.…

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6 Year Old Injured in Car Accident Awarded $20,000 For Mild Whiplash

In this child soft tissue injury claim (Maya Naks v. Hesse, 2012 BCSC 1328) the 6 child’s vehicle was travelling eastbound on 49th Avenue, in Vancouver, British Columbia when another vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and her car hit the left side of the defendant. An ambulance attended at the scene of the…

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When to Hire a Lawyer for an ICBC Injury Claim

I have been hired as a personal injury lawyer for claimants dealing with ICBC at every different phase of a personal injury case: Immediately after the car accident, months after the injury, or even after the claimant has hired another lawyer. There are certainly better points in a case to have the benefit of legal…

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Personal Injury Claimant Should be Called First at Trial, According to Judge

  In this Langley car accident injury claim( Charles v. Dudley, 2012 BCSC 1301)  the Supreme Court Judge was critical of the injury claimant putting forward all her medical experts before she took the stand.This decision may prove somewhat controversial in civil trial advocacy circles because this approach has come to be used by some personal…

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Best to Get a Lawyer for Your ICBC Injury Claim- New Direction for ICBC

I have written extensively on the best way to find a lawyer for an ICBC claim and as the boss of a personal injury law firm in Vancouver I have had to consistently update the firm with leading ethical guidelines and strive for the highest client satisfaction. This article will focus on the “when, where,…

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