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ICBC Dial-a Claim Call used to Order Repayment of Personal Injury Settlement

In this Supreme Court lawsuit the driver involved in the single vehicle car accident was sued by ICBC for reimbursement of money (ICBC v. Nisbet, 2009 BCSC 1570)it was obliged to payout for the settlement of personal injuries to the passenger. … Continue reading

Local Legal Perspective on Italian Scientists Earthquake Trial

Jackie Small, Civil Trial Lawyer, appeared on the Bill Good Show at CKNW AM 980 today to give some local legal perspective on the shocking conviction and sentencing of seven scientists to six years in prison. The seven went on trial for manslaughter linked … Continue reading

What to do After a Car Accident

June 6, 2017-  ICBC Injury Claims advice from a personal injury lawyer with over 21 years experience. Police should be called but they do not always show up so get the name and address of the driver along with the licence … Continue reading

Low Velocity Car Accident Injury Claimant Gets Low Money Award

    In this low velocity car accident injury case (Naidu v. Gill,2012 BCSC 1461) the injury claimant waited over one year to report his accident to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC. The accident took place when the … Continue reading