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November 2012

Making an ICBC Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer

In British Columbia, the first thing you want to do to make a claim after being injured in a car accident is call ICBC dial-a-claim.  As I’ve said before, it’s critically important to get your Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ( ICBC ) file started right away. Take a look at my short video on…

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Negotiated Settlements With ICBC- Getting the Best from the Lawyer’s Advice

My personal injury law firm has negotiated hundreds of out of court settlements with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia on behalf of car accident injury claimants, which is a first rate way of saving court time and expense. Some personal injury cases cannot however be settled and are best taken to trial by experienced…

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ICBC Offer to Settle must Take into Account Unpaid Injury Benefits

  If the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia , ICBC,  gives an injury claimant  an  offer to settle their injury case, ICBC  may seek their legal and out of pocket expenses after the date of the offer, if the injury claimant refuses the offer and gets less at trial.    However the Court of Appeal for British Columbia, in…

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ICBC Personal Injury Claim Awards and Social Assistance Benefits

From my own experience as a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia since 1995 I say the most excellent safeguard we have in this Province for people living in poverty is our social assistance programs. After a car accident, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, may have some obligations to pay accident benefits but that…

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Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawyer- Tips for Business Premise Claims

  As a personal injury lawyer serving the Lower Mainland since 1995 I have successfully helped many  slip and fall injuries claimants. If you or someone you know has just been injured in a business establishment, check out my short video about slip and fall injuries on business premises.   Here  are three important tips for people injured on business…

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Claimant Sues ICBC with no Personal Injury Lawyer and Loses all Appeals

   This vexatious ICBC litigant with no lawyer,(Pearlman v. ICBC, 2012 BCCA 398)  tried to appeal, without success, an order made by the Supreme Court of British Columbia restricting his ability to continue filing lawsuits. The appellant also complained that his pleadings were  modelled on textbook pleadings and the Judge was wrong to say they disclosed no cause of action.  However,…

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Classic ICBC Insurance Adjuster Excuses Generated in Car Accident Injury Claims

Some  Insurance Corporation of British Columbia adjusters are never short of excuses, generating excuses for late payment of benefits to victims of personal injury following car accidents, pedestrian accidents, hit and runs and the like. As a personal injury lawyer in BC injury claimant’s often call me to ask how to deal with the ICBC insurance adjuster after…

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