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February 2013

Personal Injury Claimant Without Lawyer Loses Car Accident Appeal

There may be many reasons why you need to get a personal injury lawyer after a car accident and the lack of legal understanding is the number one destroyer of good cases. In this personal injury case the claimant did not have a lawyer and her case was a failure(Kapelus v. Hu, 2013 BCCA 86)  due to…

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False ICBC Statements by Claimant with no Lawyer Forces $200,000 Repayment Order

In this lying to ICBC about a car crash case (ICBC v. P.,2013 BCSC 238)a couple that made false statements to ICBC about a car accident was ordered to pay over $200,000 to ICBC as repayment of benefits paid.  None of the litigants had hired a lawyer before making these statements to ICBC and they had involved friends…

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Legal Fee Compensation for Car Accident Claims to be Considered

Compensation for legal fees in car accident personal injury cases is slated to be further explained, clarified, and examined by the court (Lee v. Jarvie, 2013 BCCA 17). The BC Court of Appeal granted leave to appeal  in this car accident award for personal injuries after the claimant was only awarded 50% of his legal costs and the defendants were awarded 50% of…

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Free Legal Advice Before Speaking with ICBC

As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 I have always been open to providing a free initial consultation for people dealing with ICBC following a car crash . Getting no fee lawyer advice can be a lifeline and true asset at the beginning of an ICBC claim, just after the car accident. Hiring an experienced lawyer for a…

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How Much Whiplash Compensation from ICBC when Headrest Not Adjusted

Putting the true value on whiplash claims when ICBC and other auto insurance companies offer $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 or more can be a challenge for a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia, not to mention claimants without lawyers. Today’s  topic is how headrest use can impact the value of your soft tissue injury, or whiplash claim. This can be an important consideration when trying…

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Personal Injury Award of $4,000- Caught on Video Jogging Within a Month of Accident

In this caught on video personal injury case(2013 BCSC 172), the claimant was a pedestrian at the intersection where Keith Road intersects with Taylor Way in West Vancouver.  The driver was just in the process of releasing his clutch at about the time his car hit the claimant on his left knee, leg and his left…

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Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Specializing in Car Accidents- Location

I have worked as a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 with my top-rated interest being ICBC car accident injury claimants. The City of Vancouver is home to the highest percentage of lawyers in British Columbia and is a hub of legal activity in the Province. When looking to find the right lawyer for a car accident personal injury…

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$35,000.00 Award a Win in Low Velocity ICBC Whiplash Claim

In this personal injury case Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, classified the collision as a low velocity impact case (Christoffersen v. Howarth,2013 BCSC 144).  Damage to the vehicles was minor.  Nevertheless, the Claimant said that she suffered unrelenting pain due to the car accident injuries .  ICBC urged the court to conclude that the claimant could not have been…

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