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March 2013

Roadside Pedestrian Wins Personal Injury Case

This side of the road car accident injury case(Ruchelski v. Moore, 2013 BCSC 492) applies the rarely used Presumption of Negligence principle set out in the seminal Supreme Court of Canada case of Fontaine. Experienced personal injury lawyers in Canada have been aware for some time that Fontaine completely did away with the rebuttable presumption of Res ipsa loquitur(the…

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Winning Attacks on Injury Claimants Credibility- Uncertainty for Car Accident Victims

  In Canada most believe that innocent victims injured in car accidents should obtain some amount of compensation, however minimal, for pain and suffering and other losses without an attack on the victims credibility- In British Columbia this money usually comes from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, on behalf of the at fault driver- However in two personal injury…

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Do I have to Report my Car Accident to ICBC?

  Yes, notifying ICBC is a requirement if you are in a car accident anywhere in Canada and the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and intend to claim accident injury benefits. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, provides medical and disability benefits to insured following motor vehicle accident related injuries. Find out more…

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Brain Injury after a Car Accident- Help Understanding Symptoms

As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver I have the good fortune of having a Brain Surgeon as a father. In this exclusive video, Dr. R.O. Holness, Neurosurgeon since 1975, touches on the symptoms of brain injury after car accidents.  Family members are often the first to contact my personal injury law firm for help after…

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Advocate for Car Accident Spinal Injury Claimants- the Complications

  As a personal injury lawyer I have the  good fortune of having a Neurosurgeon as a father. Head of Neurosurgery for over a dozen years Dr. R.O. Holness explains in this exclusive video the complications from spinal cord injury due to motor vehicle accidents. People with significant spinal cord injuries definitely have a shortened life span. It…

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