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April 2013

ICBC no Help for Injury Claims Online Report- Lawyers Provide Service

Most insurance companies like the Insurance corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, are hesitant to assist injury claimants involved in car accidents to make formal notification by way of an online form. ICBC supports claimants reporting a car accident which involves no injury online but does not appear to aid an injury claimant to formally report online. Be aware…

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How Much Time Do I Have To Report My Accident to ICBC

Deadlines for applying for car accident benefits from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, will vary. It depends on whether you are reporting an injury or vehicle damage. Therefore,  as a personal injury lawyer I discuss time limitations for injury accident benefits. For quick coverage watch my video about ICBC claim deadlines . ICBC…

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What to Say to ICBC after a Car Accident

Statements made to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, in writing, on the phone, online or in person are vital to a claim for accident benefits and can affect a subsequent claim of negligence. Any reply to the ICBC’s request for information must be accurate, and as is seen in a recent ICBC forfeiture of benefits…

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ICBC Blames City of Langley for Car Accident Personal Injury

  In this ICBC sues Langley lawsuit (Simon v. McKinlay, 2013 BCSC 674) the injury claimant was a passenger injured in a single vehicle car accident on River Road in Langley. The car drove into in a ditch resulting in serious injuries including a brain injury. The driver was charged criminally with impaired driving causing bodily harm. However, the absence of…

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ICBC Injury Claim Settlements for Pain and Suffering

As a personal injury lawyer in BC since 1995 I’m often asked  how to settle whiplash back injury and soft tissue injury claims with ICBC and how much a case is really worth. Rear end car accidents tend to be the number one culprit and ICBC has standard procedures for insurance adjusters to follow before payments such as settlement amounts can…

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Best Outcome for Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Supreme Court of Canada

A $3.2 million personal injury award has been restored by our top court,the Supreme Court of Canada, helping to reinforce our modern approach to legal causation  in medical malpractice cases(Ediger v. Johnston, 2013 SCC 18) and personal injury cases generally. Personal injury lawyers assisting the injured will applaud the clarity and brevity of this decision. This…

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Taxes on Legal Fees- PST, GST and Personal Injury Claims in BC

As of April 1, 2013 HST no longer applies to legal fees and legal services in BC.  In personal injury cases no income tax is payable on lawyer negotiated settlements for  pain and suffering compensation with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, and other insurance companies. The Provincial change back to the PST and GST…

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