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May 2013

Judge Copies Personal Injury Lawyer in $4 Million Brain Injury Award

This birth malpractice case (Cojocaru v. British Columbia Women’s Hospital and Health Centre,2013 SCC 30) resulting in brain injury affirms the direction that Canadian Courts are taking  to informed consent in personal injury malpractice cases. The multi-million dollar award was upheld against one doctor for failing to provide the claimant with informed consent for the  “vaginal…

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Personal Injury Lawyers Be Warned about the Content of Affidavits

An application to adduce fresh evidence in an appeal of a successful personal injury jury award was thwarted by a deficient affidavit from a legal support staff. This million dollar personal injury award case arising out of a car accident injury (Albert v. Politano, 2013 BCCA 194) deserves more than one article as personal injury lawyers…

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$75,000.00 Award for Pain and Suffering after Car Accident Injury

The claimant was in a car accident in Kelowna, B.C. (Thorne v. Lind,2013 BCSC 862) and  suffered  injuries to her neck, right shoulder, and upper back area and the Court  assessed what her case was worth. The other driver admitted fault but claimed the injuries were not related to the accident and was worth much less…

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Free Legal Advice for Making an ICBC claim

Getting the best legal advice without paying a professional fee for a civil matter is fiction and most people know it, but don’t go anywhere yet. Expect to pay no more than one third in British Columbia for legal advice if your agreement is on a percentage for ICBC claims.  You can also get arrangements…

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List of Top Personal Injury Lawyer Case Quotes In BC

An index for Personal injury lawyers and counsel generally is provided by the  registry with a list of cases so commonly referred to and accepted in British Columbia that  lawyers need only index them in the case brief . In the typical car accident claim however lawyers exchange a  table of case authorities and the best sections of the each case are referred to…

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Personal Injury Claim Against Road Maintenance Company Upheld by Top Court

The BC Court of Appeal found that inadequate signage negligently caused injury in this uneven pavement car accident (Van Tent v. Abbotsford (City),2013 BCCA 236). This case re visits the distinction between duty and standard of care, affirming the  three step process for proof of Civil Negligence. The Anns neighbourhood rule is applied and the court makes it clear that…

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ICBC Accident and Personal Injury Claims Lawyers Best to Change View on Confidentiality

Here is the who, what, when, where and whys of the new landscape in BC for release of confidential and private documents in ICBC claims. Effective up to date advocacy based on leading case authority in ICBC claims can make the difference. Lawyers that specialize in personal injury claims assess the risks of disclosing your…

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Lawyer in Vancouver for ICBC Claim

Finding the best lawyer in Vancouver for a claim with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia depends on the type of case you have and the qualities you consider to be important. There are over 10,0000 lawyers in BC, most of them having offices in Vancouver. Not all ICBC claims require a lawyer and most…

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ICBC Injury Lawyers Claim for Brain Injury In the Elderly

Age can make a difference to injury claims made with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, following a car accident. Personal injury lawyers are well aware of the principle that you “take a victim as you find them”in the Canadian courts. An ICBC lawyer can’t blame a brain injured claimant for having an unusually…

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ICBC’s Low Velocity Impact Policy for Minimal Damage Injury Claims goes Underground

For over 20 years the Insurance Corporation of BC, ICBC, has denied injury claims when there is minimal damage to the vehicles. When I started as a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver in the mid 1990’s this program was referred to as ICBC’s  Minimal no Damage or No bash no Cash policy.  The modern Low Velocity…

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