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June 2013

Pedestrian Accident Caused by Sleeping Driver not Act of God

In this falling asleep personal injury case (Holt v. Rother,2013 BCSC 1065) the claimant was a pedestrian on the shoulder of 350th Avenue in Oliver, British Columbia, and the defendant was driving returning from the beach in Okanagan Falls.  The driver suddenly veered across the oncoming lane and struck the walking claimant causing personal injuries. The evidence…

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ICBC Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Tests New Rule- Protecting Your Medical Records

Lawyers in Vancouver Battle with ICBC over Disclosure of Personal Medical Records Since starting as a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver in 1995 I’ve noticed that ICBC has always expected injury claimants to sign medical release forms consenting and authorizing ICBC to get your medical files when opening a claim. As a personal injury lawyer…

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ICBC Settlement Offer Better Than Trial Award but no Costs for ICBC

In this ICBC offers to settle fault case ( Currie v. Taylor,2013 BCSC 1071), the claimant suffered catastrophic injuries that dramatically changed his life after a car accident. The claimant was driving a yellow and white taxi  en route to the City of Vernon when he attempted to turn left onto Highway 97 at the intersection…

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BICYCLE ACCIDENT INJURY LAWYERS Vancouver Bike and Cycling Lawyers We know about bike accidents. Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness has been prosecuting bicycle injury cases in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and Court of Appeal since 1995. Caring and  compassionate we will always act on behalf of the injured cyclist and work with family…

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ICBC Sues Rioters to Recover Money Paid for Car Damage Insurance Claims

Over 77 vehicles were set on fire or damaged in the Stanley Cup riots and ICBC insurance claims were over half a million dollars. 46 people have been named in the lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of BC and ICBC is seeking punitive damages to financially punish the rioters. Insurance coverage for damage to…

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Best for Personal Injury Lawyers with ICBC Injury Claims to Avoid Representing the Corporation

When injured in a car accident and hiring a personal injury lawyer in BC  most never make it a top priority to ask whether the lawyer or law firm works for ICBC. Why is this important?  Personal Injury Lawyers and law firms that work for ICBC are restricted in the types of lawsuits they can…

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Personal Injury Claimant Without Lawyer Misses ICBC Offer of Settlement

When to refuse an ICBC offer of settlement, was a topic discussed in the trial judges decision and this is the personal injury claimants self appeal to the BC Court of Appeal(Gatzke v. Sidhu, 2013 BCCA 261) . The the injury claimant did not have a personal injury lawyer at her appeal and the court…

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In Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley, and all regions in British Columbia can be an important resource for personal injury claimants. The law firm of Holness Law Group, based in Vancouver across from the courthouse, provides complete care for your personal injury claim. Whether you have had in a car accident, medical mishap, or slip…

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$75,000 Award for Pain and Suffering Reduced for Ignoring Medical Advice

How much an injury victim gets for pain and suffering after a car accident in ICBC claims and other personal injury cases can be reduced  by the court for not following medical treatment. In this case, after suffering a car accident injury  in which medication was initially taken with success and then abandoned for no good reason,…

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ICBC Settlement Payouts are not Much for a Corporation worth Billions

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, is required to release financial statements to lawyers and the general  public which includes the amount they pay to injury claimants for out of court settlements. ICBC  forecasts net income of  $230 million in 2013 and $229 million in 2014, a total of $459 million after paying innocent victims injured…

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