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July 2013

Pub Blamed for Quadriplegia after a Car Accident- Court Increases Liability to 20%

In this pub owner serves excessive alcohol case(Hansen v. Sulyma, 2013 BCCA 349), the injury claimant was left a quadriplegic as the result of a car accident at Blubber Bay Road on Texada Island. She was seated as a passenger in a vehicle stopped on the shoulder of the road when the impaired defendant, having…

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HurtBC Personal Injury Lawyers Always Working for Injury Claimants

After being injured in a car accident or fall and before you sign a statement for ICBC or give the insurance company permission to communicate with medical professionals and employers, consider getting professional advice.  About 1200 people a day are injured in British Columbia and over 25 of those are permanently disabled as a result…

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Word of Mouth Best Way to Find Lawyer for a Personal Injury Claim -The New Reality

If you are fortunate enough to trust someone you know to recommend a personal injury lawyer you probably don’t need to read this article. Thankfully my services are rarely needed as a personal injury lawyer because car accidents in BC do not happen often.  The fact that so few require my services means that word of…

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Your Required ICBC Statement after an Accident-Tips for the Insurance Report

The answer is  NO  a  signed statement is not required after a car accident when applying for accident benefits from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC.  You are required to give a written report not a signed statement. As a personal injury lawyer in BC since 1995 I refuse to let my clients sign unnecessary…

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Settlement of Injury Claim Leads to Dispute over Medical Report Cost

After the settlement of a car accident  injury claim the costs of medical examinations and reports, if the settlement terms allow, can be put in dispute. In this reasonable expenses part of settlement case (White v. Reich, 2013 BCSC 1234) a motor vehicle injury case settled very shortly before trial.  In dispute was the cost…

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Settlement Offer of $55,000 Should Have Been Accepted- Car Accident Claimant Wins

In this car accident offer to settle case(Codling v. Sosnowsky,2013 BCSC 1220) additional legal costs were awarded to the injury claimant after the judge awarded the claimant damages totaling $70,764.71 for injuries she sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Only 6 days before the scheduled trial the claimant had offered to settle the motor vehicle…

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ICBC Injury Lawyers Settle Personal Injury Claims Successfully

Personal injury lawyers solve problems everyday for injury claimants dealing with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) by negotiating binding final solutions. In order to have a legally enforceable agreement to settle a personal injury claim with ICBC there must by an offer, an acceptance and consideration. Making a personal injury claim with an ICBC injury lawyer…

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How Much does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer for an ICBC Claim?

Lawyers Bill Based on a Percentage of  up to One-Third of the Recovery or By Hourly  Rate A Lawyers legal fees are regulated by the Law Society of BC and as a result you will find many lawyer fees are paid on a percentage of what is recovered and usually not more than  33 1/3…

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Best Lawyer to Help deal with ICBC Claims Closer than you Think

ICBC claimants do not have to look outside the Province to find a top-rated ICBC lawyer to assist in an insurance injury claim after a car accident. In fact British Columbia has a unique system of automobile insurance so it is best to retain a practicing BC lawyer with experience representing claimants against ICBC. Personal…

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ICBC Settlement of Personal Injury Claims Subject to Proportionality Test

In this costs of ICBC settlement case (Dhillon v. Bowering, 2013 BCSC 1178) the claimant was injured in two motor vehicle accidents in British Columbia. ICBC, on behalf of the defendants, made  initial offer to settle the two car accidents for $22,500 all-inclusive. That offer was later increased to $35,000 plus provable past wage loss,…

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