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September 2013

Pedestrian Without Personal Injury Lawyer 75% at Fault for Accident Injuries

In this no lawyer pedestrian case(Lariviere v. Martins, 2013 BCSC 1751)a vehicle was travelling west on East Hastings Street,around midnight,  approaching the intersection of Jackson and East Hastings when the claimant stepped off the sidewalk on the north side of Hastings Street, with the intent of crossing to the south side. She did so in the…

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Lawyer to Deal with ICBC after a Car Accident

As a personal injury lawyer I have managed, handled and cared  for  hundreds of claims against ICBC due to car accident injuries and I have noticed 3 things that claimants almost always ask- Do I need a lawyer? How much is my case worth? and How much do you cost? All very important questions deserving…

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Do you have to Share your Medical Records with ICBC? Patient Disclosure to ICBC

The answer is that no injury claimant is required to give ICBC their complete medical file. Do not share your Medical Records with ICBC. When making a claim for accident benefits ICBC is legally required to properly investigate. Therefore, ICBC will require a report, not records. The ICBC report might indicate your prior medical history.…

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