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ICBC Settlement not Family Asset in Divorce Proceeding

In this Personal Injury Settlement Divorce Claim case(2013 BCSC 1827) The wife  tried to claim half of the husband’s settlement from ICBC as a family asset. The husband kept his settlement from ICBC separate and did not use it for any … Continue reading

How to Report a Car Accident

Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn Holness explains the three first steps to reporting a car accident in British Columbia.  Reporting a car accident to ICBC should be done within the first 30 days, learn more and report to an injury … Continue reading

ICBC Refuses Settlement Offer for Personal Injury and Forced to Pay Costs

In this double costs Fast Track personal injury case(Peacock v. Battel, 2013 BCSC 1902) the claimant made an offer to settle to settle her case for $125,000.00 but the defendant, insured by ICBC, refused making only a $41,000 offer. The court … Continue reading

Zip Lining Injury Claim Dismissed Due to Signed Release and Waiver

In a Dramatic turn-a-round, on April 30, 2014, the BC Court of Appeal has overturned this wrongly decided waiver of personal injury case (Niedermeyer v. Charlton,2014 BCCA 165). Therefore the following principles no longer apply, unless changed by the Supreme … Continue reading

Settlement of Personal Injury Claim- “Urgency” for MRI Costs New Test?

This was an assessment of the costs  following the settlement of personal injury litigation. The only issue was the $2,000.00 cost of an  MRI of cervical and lumbar spine done privately.(Kumanan v. Achim,2013 BCSC 1867) The injury claimant was in … Continue reading

The Value of Life: A Personal Injury Lawyer’s Existential Reflections

The British Columbia Court of Appeal provided a rare existential perspective commenting on the value of human life this week in the right to die case of Carter v. Canada (Attorney General)2013 BCCA 435. For personal injury lawyers this reaffirms the … Continue reading