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November 2013

Get a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your ICBC Injury Claim

Need for a Personal Injury Lawyer- Luxury or Necessity? Why hire a personal injury lawyer when ICBC has agreed to pay accident benefits? My answer to this  question may surprise even my legal colleagues out there. I have been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 and when is comes to ICBC claims I have noticed…

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ICBC Denied Second Medical Examination- New Holistic View

In this car accident medical exam case(Rathgeber v. Freeman,2013 BCSC 2117) the personal injury claimant was spared having to attend a second medical examination after the Court found that the first  ICBC medical Examination put the defendant on an equal footing. The personal injury claimant alleged that, as a result of the car accident he suffered…

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ICBC Documents Hidden from Public by Court Order

Personal injury claimants need to mindful of the civil disclosure requirements over confidential documents when starting a lawsuit in British Columbia. However , the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia may well be provided with special treatment as explained in this,  ICBC keeps documents from public case(Insurance Corporation of British Columbia v. Automotive Retailers Association,2013 BCSC 2062).…

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Lawyer to Help Settle with ICBC

As a lawyer in British Columbia since 1995 I have helped in the settlement of the some the most difficult cases you can imagine with ICBC, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Here we provide information and instructions that will help steer an ICBC  insurance claim in the right direction. Best Time to Sette with…

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ICBC Offers of Advice and Recommendations not made Public

  ICBC has prevented public disclosure of documents that would have revealed advice, guidance and recommendations received prior to unilaterally terminating numerous agreements with the automotive industry in 2011. The Court, in this ICBC private documents case(Insurance Corporation of British Columbia v. Automotive Retailers Association,2013 BCSC 2025),  quashed an earlier order of the Provinces Freedom…

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Sue ICBC for Not Paying Car Injury Accident Benefits

Suing an insurance company like ICBC means putting yourself at risk in a lawsuit and should only be done for good cause. There are 4 essential forms and documents you need before you sue the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, for refusing to pay injury benefits after a car accident. Here’s a checklist: 1.…

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