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A Personal Injury Lawyer’s Insight into Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury

Experienced personal injury lawyers should know that Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury (DAI) refers to damage at an almost microscopic level to the connections of the brain. “Diffuse” means generalized in the brain. “Axonal” refers to the connections. After a car … Continue reading

The Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers’ Caselaw Companion

Mr. Renn Holness has been a trusted personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 and the following is his own list of the top cases for personal injury lawyers. THE BIG LIST For all you legal beagles out there, lawyers, … Continue reading

ICBC Injury Settlement- Explaining Costs and Disbursements

In this bus accident injury settlement, (Zhang v. Heikkila,2013 BCSC 2275) following the examinations for discovery and after three medical reports had been obtained the matter settled for $11,000.00 plus costs and disbursements. ICBC refused however to pay the cost … Continue reading

Personal Injury Award Increased to $390,000 for Loss of Future Earnings

This stunning and important Court of Appeal decision increased a loss of future earning capacity award making it easier to predict court awards in¬†personal injury cases(Jurczak v. Mauro,2013 BCCA 507). Changing the tide following ¬†Perren v. Lalari, 2010 BCCA 140 … Continue reading