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Start Advocate Making Online ICBC Claim

Finally Found! We have been receiving online ICBC claims information and reporting ICBC claims since 1999 for our personal injury clients. As a legal advocate for the injured I began reporting ICBC claims in 1995, before any online reporting systems … Continue reading

Lawyers Behaving Badly- The Future with Case Planning Conferences

Personal injury lawyers in British Columbia are often faced with having to attend one or more Case Planning Conferences (“CPC”) at the request of ICBC or other defendants in the normal course of litigation. These closed court CPC’s have a … Continue reading

Family Doctor Not Required at ICBC Personal Injury Trial

No adverse inference was drawn by the judge after the claimant failed to have his family doctor testify at the personal injury trial. (Fabretti v. Gill,2014 BCSC 899). This ICBC injury case involved a car accident that occurred on the Pattullo … Continue reading

Private MRI Costs in BC Personal Injury Cases- The Flip Flop

This car accident personal injury claimant was awarded the cost of a private MRI as a reasonable disbursement (Gray v. Kohnert,2014 BCSC 888). This is great news for BC injury claimants but does have a few personal injury lawyers scratching … Continue reading

Settlement Offer Beaten and Claimant Awarded Double Costs

This successful personal injury claimant was awarded double costs of all steps taken in the lawsuit following an offer to settle he made in the week before the trial (Ostrikoff v. Oliveira,2014 BCSC 842). In ICBC personal injury cases additional costs … Continue reading

ICBC Insurance Now Covers Travel To Outdoor Activities- No Waivers Allowed!

The law creating the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, essentially prohibits an owner, driver or passenger from entering into a contract to exclude liability while in use and operation of a motor vehicle. The majority of our Court of … Continue reading

Promoting Settlement with Mediation Agreements- Reading the Fineprint

The settlement of personal injury cases in Canada just got more complex. The Supreme Court of Canada has eked out a new place for mediation contracts, in our legal arsenal of settlement tools, that contain absolute confidentiality clauses preventing parties … Continue reading

Increasing ICBC Injury Settlements and Court Awards- New Discount Rates

The best news in 33 years for ICBC claims and personal injury cases involving claims for future loss of earnings and costs of future care! The decrease in the discount rate for future loss announced April 30, 2014 means claimants can expect … Continue reading

ICBC Statement Causes Lawsuit in Agony of Collision Case

  This personal injury case involved in a motor vehicle collision that occurred on Highway 97 North near Summit Lake, BC. when the claimant hit into a parked vehicle that had lost control earlier(Hart v. Jacobsen, 2014 BCSC 704 ). Despite the … Continue reading

Car Accident ICBC Claims

As a Vancouver car accident lawyer assisting people with ICBC claims since 1995  I have three important tips for ICBC claimants and for those seeking legal advice after a car accident: 1.  ICBC Claims Lawyer- Specialization Help with free ICBC … Continue reading