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Offer to Settle Unreasonable but Double Costs Still Awarded

The Court of Appeal has upheld a double legal costs award against the Province of  British Columbia after the Province lost a claim against a private BC company (British Columbia v. Salt Spring Ventures Incorporated,2015 BCCA 343) . Even though the … Continue reading

Legal Analysis for Multiple Car Accident Whiplash Claims

This ICBC personal injury claim arose out of two rear-end motor vehicle accidents.  The claimant  was involved in a third accident in which he was at fault. The question arose as to what impact, if any, the claimant’s responsibility for the third accident … Continue reading

Whiplash Award Reduced to $30,000 for failure to follow Medical Advice

In this whiplash soft tissue injury case the claimant was injured in three motor vehicle accidents and fault had been admitted by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ICBC (Gupta v. ICBC et al, 2015 BCSC 608).  The judge however awarded the … Continue reading

Admitting ICBC Records Miscarriage of Justice in Personal Injury Case

The Court of Appeal ordered a new trial for this 15 year old car accident personal injury claim involving soft tissue injury, mild traumatic brain injury and unaccepted ICBC offers of $50,000, $110,00 and $120,000 (Han v. Park, 2015 BCCA 324). … Continue reading

When ICBC must pay for Your Lost Wages and Lost Vacation Pay

If you have lost income or vacation time due to a car accident injury, the Insurance Corporation of BC, ICBC, may be responsible for paying some or all of your net wage loss and vacation pay. The following is an outline … Continue reading

$45,000 Pain and Suffering Award to 81 Year Old Car Accident Victim

A personal injury award for pain and suffering is not reduced by a limited life expectancy and according to the Supreme Court of BC, advanced age should not be a factor either way in arriving at an appropriate award. This … Continue reading

$25,000 Penalty against Claimant in Personal Injury Case Overturned

The claimant suffered injuries in a car accident, alleged loss of earnings but failed to disclose court ordered work calendars, personal loan documents, and income tax returns. The Master ordered a harsh sanction of $25,000 against the claimant for failure to disclose the documents. … Continue reading

Vancouver Car Accident Report to ICBC

Learn about reporting a car accident in Vancouver. Here are some helpful links to checklists and articles about when, where, why and how to report a car accident in Vancouver to  the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC: Report Accident to … Continue reading

Metal Pole to the Head Lands $297,000 Award for Inner Ear Injury

Fueled by a drunken rage, the defendant drove over to the claimant’s house in Mission B.C. armed with a metal pole intent on inflicting grievous bodily harm. The claimant said that the truck came bouncing down the driveway towards the house with … Continue reading