Monthly Archives: October 2015

ICBC Accused of Fabricating Evidence to Support Charges

The court has allowed the late admission of policy guidelines as ICBC is sued for maliciously prosecuting charges of uttering false statements. The allegation is that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, and its investigators ignored evidence, mischaracterized evidence, and fabricated … Continue reading

Settlement of Fast Track Injury Case Results in Full Legal Costs

In this Fast Track personal injury case, the claimant settled 5 months before trial and was successful in seeking the full amount allowed for legal costs pursuant to Rule 15-1(15) (Karp v. Kalsi,2015 BCSC 1949). The car accident in question occurred 4 … Continue reading

ICBC Continues to Pay Dr. Grypma to Advocate and Attack Claimant Credibility

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, is a government created auto insurance monopoly entrusted with providing universal public auto insurance in British Columbia. However, ICBC has been using biased medical experts to deny legitimate personal injury claims, the following case … Continue reading

First Settlement Proposal Remains Confidential in Second Car Accident Case

As a result of the car accident in question the claimant sustained injuries to her head, jaw, neck, shoulders, chest, back, left arm, left elbow, left wrist, left hand, left hip, left leg, and left heel. Importantly, the claimant had suffered … Continue reading

Family Doctor Blamed but not Named in Car Accident Lawsuit

ICBC insured defendants have lost a bold application to name a family doctor for negligent treatment in this multiple car accident lawsuit (Jack v. Kendrick,2015 BCSC 1872). The claim is for injuries sustained in three separate motor vehicle accidents and the allegation was … Continue reading

Fall on Bus Results in $40,000 Award for Pain and Suffering

The claimant suffered injuries as a passenger on a bus operated by the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority, doing business as Translink and/or Coast Mountain Bus Company Limited (“Translink”).  The claimant was  76 years old at the time of trial … Continue reading

ICBC is Debtor to Successful Injury Claimant and Must pay Legal Costs

In this twisted car accident injury case the ICBC claimant asked for $3 million and received only $62,900 for his injury after a Supreme Cour trial.  He was also denied his legal costs. The claimant lost his appeal on the issue of quantum … Continue reading

Judge Says a Person who is his Own Lawyer has a Fool for a Client

In this  ICBC injury case the Judge had sympathy for the ICBC lawyer and the members of his law firm in having to deal with a claimant without a lawyer. The judge was of the view that if the claimant hired a lawyer … Continue reading

$100,000 Psychological Injury Award Taken Away

In a dramatic admission of medical illiteracy the Court of Appeal conceded that absent expert medical opinion evidence, a judge is not qualified to say what is, or is not, an illness (Saadati v. Moorhead,2015 BCCA 393). The trial judge … Continue reading