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Medical Examination Ordered For Rebuttal Report After 84 Day Deadline

The Court accepted that the Neurologist in this ICBC car accident injury claim needed to perform a physical exam of the claimant in order to properly prepare a report in response to claimant’s medical experts (Ram v. Chhina, 2015 BCSC 2193). This despite the examination … Continue reading

Settlement Privilege Attached to the Documents Prepared by Previous Lawyer

This was a court application to force a claimant to disclose the details of a prior auto insurance settlement (Gamble v. Brown,2015 BCSC 1873).This lawsuit arose out of a motor vehicle accident which occurred  in Surrey, British Columbia in which there … Continue reading

Disabled Must Have Litigation Guardian in all Personal Injury Cases

The Court of Appeal grappled with the definition of “person under disability” under the court rules finding that the Rule 20-2  is a “complete code” and does not permit persons under legal disability to bring or defend proceedings in Supreme Court except … Continue reading

Court Now Allowing Juries for Complex 30 day Personal Injury Trials

The Court of Appeal has effectively eliminated the ability to strike a jury on the grounds of complexity, length and  multiple conflicting medical opinion (Rados v. Pannu,2015 BCCA 459). The claimant was injured in a car accident and applied unsuccessfully … Continue reading

Worker in Car Accident Must Divide Indivisible Injuries

Our Supreme Court Judges have no power to deal with the rights of employees and the liability of employers when car accident personal injuries are suffered in the course of employment, concludes Judge Burnyeat after an extensive review of the law (Pinch v. … Continue reading

ICBC Lawyer Denied Social Media Vacation Photos In Personal Injury Claim

In this fast track personal injury claim the defendants sought an order for production of various documents and records, including photographs and videos from the claimant’s social media accounts or platform (Wilder v. Munro,2015 BCSC 1983). ICBC has been known to use social media … Continue reading

ICBC Punished for Reprehensible Conduct after Settling Case

Baffled, the Court was forced to award special costs after ICBC settled a personal injury case yet refused to pay costs.  Lawyer Jacqueline Small  obtained $2,000 in special costs and costs thrown away due to ICBC failure to response to a … Continue reading

ICBC’s Policy of not Informing the Public Accepted by the Court

After a hit and run car accident claimant’s cannot and should not rely on ICBC to advise them of the reporting reporting obligations, says the British Columbia Supreme Court. Even though an ICBC claimant is required to report to ICBC … Continue reading