Monthly Archives: March 2016

$175,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Brain Injury with Normal MRI

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) can be difficult to diagnose after car accident. The Insurance Corporation of BC generally refuses to accept the existence of a MTBI and will fight these claims to the end. In this case ICBC hired Dr. Rehan … Continue reading

70 Year old Awarded $60,000 for Pain and Suffering Despite Full Time Work

This personal injury claimant was involved in a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Westminster Highway and No. 5 Road in Richmond, British Columbia  and suffered some level of neck, back, shoulder, and arm pain for more than three-and-a-half years. Despite her … Continue reading

Court Refuses to Add Pedestrains to the Personal Injury Lawsuit

The defendant in this personal injury claim sought liberty to add two individuals as third parties to the proceeding. On the day of the car accident a number of people attended a party in the bush near Lumby, B.C. The claimant … Continue reading

ICBC Adjuster Got Pleasure Causing Difficulty for Injury Claimant

The government of BC may be preparing to back ICBC in an appeal of a $350,000 award against ICBC for malicious prosecution. Transportation Minister Todd Stone indicated that ICBC may be considering an appeal. This is in a case where employees … Continue reading

ICBC Ordered to Pay $400,000 for False Fraud Accusations

ICBC’s conduct in this case was so high-handed, reprehensible and malicious that it offended the Court’s sense of decency. The conduct of ICBC was high on the scale of blameworthiness. The defendant ICBC is a public insurance company. As an insurance company it is … Continue reading