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When ICBC Must Pay Lost Wages

There are 2 types of payments ICBC is required make for lost wages: One for Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD); and the other for your actual wage-loss. Disability payment are made when, (a) a claimant is insured; (b) has proof of … Continue reading

Early Retirement Loss Awarded to 38 Year old with no Lost Income

This case affirms, despite what ICBC says to claimants without lawyers, an award for loss of future earning capacity is available in soft tissue injury cases in which claimants have suffered little or no loss of income: Hu v. Tan,2016 BCSC 908. The Supreme … Continue reading

Elderly Injury Claimant Awarded $50,000 for Pain and Suffering

Age is a factor for compensation for older and retired adults after a motor vehicle injury and is considered in today’s personal injury case: Bardua v. Han, 2016 BCSC 861.  As it relates to compensation for pain and suffering for retired individuals  Judge Griffin … Continue reading

ICBC Required to Pay Lost Wages for Delayed Total Disability

The Court of Appeal has done away with any legal basis for ICBC’s policy of denying disability benefits when total disability arises beyond the first 104 weeks  of a car accident(Symons v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,2016 BCCA 207 ). … Continue reading

$740,000 Award in Low Velocity Injury Case and Dr. Koch Discredited

This personal injury claimant was awarded over $700,000 after ICBC failed to take her injuries seriously following six “minimal damage”, also called by ICBC “low velocity”, motor vehicle accidents. ICBC relied on Dr. William Koch, a registered psychologist in B.C. to argue … Continue reading

Personal Health Information for All British Columbian’s Disclosed to Tobacco Company

Personal Injury lawyers should know that the Court of Appeal has allowed the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia to challenge an order that allows the tobacco company Philip Morris International Inc. access to a number of government databases containing personal healthcare … Continue reading

Use of medical Marijuana Not in best interest of Claimant

This injury claimant was awarded $50,000 for pain and suffering but her claim for medical Marijuana of 3 grams a day in cream form for a period of two years at a cost of between $21,900 and $32,850 was totally dismissed (G. v. Ahn, 2016 … Continue reading

ICBC Beats Settlement Offer but Full Costs Still Awarded to Claimant

What happens if a claimant does not accept an ICBC offer and the court awards less than the amount offered? Are you forced to accept whatever ICBC offers? Is it a factor that ICBC is a big fish in the small pond … Continue reading

Test for Junk Science in ICBC Personal Injury Cases

If ICBC hires a doctor to examine a claimant,  the denial of the claim may be based on “junk science” and therefore can be challenged. Novelty is a measure of reliability which must be balanced against its effect on the mind … Continue reading