Monthly Archives: June 2016

Pedestrian Wins Appeal as Judge Fails to Consider Driver’s Fault

Even the most experienced personal injury lawyers need to pay attention to this case. The Court of Appeal has made it clear: When finding a pedestrian 100% at fault the court must analyze not only the pedestrian’s duty but also the … Continue reading

Dr. Holness Brain Surgeon Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Renn O. Holness, has received the Canadian Neurosurgical Society’s (CNSS) Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his outstanding career and significant contribution to Neurosurgery. Dr. Holness attained the Gold Medal in the 1968 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, obtaining  Honours in Medicine … Continue reading

“Enough is Enough” Cheering Rioters not Faulted for Stanley Cup Riots

The last game of the 2011 Stanley Cup Hockey series was broadcast on a live television outside the CBC building at Georgia and Hamilton Streets in Vancouver BC.  When the game ended, a riot erupted here and several cars were … Continue reading

How Much My ICBC Claim is Worth- Updating Factors for Valuation

  The factors to be considered when valuing a personal injury claim with ICBC or other insurance companies will change according to the stage of  your case. Some of the factors that may be important early on, such as claim … Continue reading

ICBC Adjuster Loses Video of Left Turn Crash

The personal injury claimant was driving his Porsche Cayenne and entered the intersection of 203rd Street and Logan Avenue in Langley, BC on a yellow light. Another driver turning left failed to see the claimant and turned in front of him causing … Continue reading

Failure to Install Fire Alarms Not Cause of Injuries

Injuries caused by fire can often be prevented by the use of fire alarms, commonsense. However, the Court of Appeal does not accept this as commonsense, and dismissed this renter’s injury appeal on the basis that there was no evidence that the … Continue reading

Email Withdrawal for Offers to Settle Now Acceptable

Astonishing new communication rule from our Court of Appeal will effect all personal injury cases in the Province: When parties agree to the use of email as a form of communication, once delivered to the email inbox of the other lawyer, … Continue reading

Medical Exam Ordered Despite Questions of Partiality and Objectivity

Innocent car accident victims must now face the prospect of a court ordered medical examination conducted by doctors that are potentially unfair, impartial, not credible and not objective.  In a stunning Masters decision of the Supreme Court requiring an ICBC … Continue reading