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$70,000 Award for Soft Tissue Injury Causing Major Disruption

The personal injury claimant was alone in her vehicle in Maple Ridge when the car following behind failed to stop in time and collided with the rear of the claimant’s vehicle. At the time, the claimant was 56 years old and employed as a bartender-server … Continue reading

Egg Throwing and Alcohol not to Blame for Car Accident Injuries

    The ICBC personal injury appellant was sitting in the back of a vehicle when it overturned at high speed along with other teenage passengers. The teenagers were drinking alcohol in the back of the car and planning to throw eggs … Continue reading

$75,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Aggravation of Prior Condition

In this personal injury case the claimant was injured in two car accidents and claimed to have suffered a chronic pain syndrome.  The judge found the medical expert opinion evidence presented to be highly unsatisfactory. Therefore judge Saunders was not persuaded … Continue reading

Claim for Loss of Use and Depreciation After a Car Accident

Losing the use of your dream car after a car accident can result in a claim for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Also, there could be an ICBC claim for accelerated depreciation of your vehicle, over and above the … Continue reading

$70,000 for Pain and Suffering with Persistent Low Back Ache

After a car accident non-pecuniary damages are awarded to compensate the claimant for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of amenities.  The compensation awarded must be fair to the at fault party. Fairness is measured against court awards made in … Continue reading

Injury Claim Reduced by 10% for Failure to Seek Alternative Employment

After a car accident injury a claimant has a duty to mitigate, or minimize his or her losses. However this case takes mitigation to new levels, expecting a career carpenter to seek alternative employment or face a reduction in his … Continue reading

Define ICBC in British Columbia

ICBC stands for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, the Provincially created auto insurance responsible for providing mandatory third party liability coverage. ICBC is the largest crown corporation measured by revenue. The ICBC Board consists of at least three directors appointed by … Continue reading

The Zero Money Offer in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice cases are among the most sophisticated and complicated civil claims to pursue.  The Canadian Medical Protective Association, CMPA, defends doctors zealously hiring experts from within their ranks at will. On the other hand claimants are often left with a medical community unwilling … Continue reading

$40,000 Lost Lease Deposit Awarded to Car Accident Claimant

The claimant originally claimed  personal injury losses as well as loss of income and associated losses.  However, ICBC had the personal injury lawsuit dismissed due to WCB vs. ICBC injury claim rules. The claimant was however able to maintain an action for his business-related … Continue reading