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The Most Important Personal Injury Cases of 2016

How many of these cases have you read? Personal Injury law evolves through changes in the common law application of accepted legal principles as well as legislative change and interpretation. This article focuses on changes in the common law and … Continue reading

Best Lawyer for ICBC Claims

Your ICBC injury claim’s worth and the steps to win successfully are best determined by a legally trained expert that has dealt with ICBC and settled hundreds of personal injury cases.  An experienced personal injury lawyer, like a trained medical doctor, … Continue reading

First Steps to Brain Injury Recovery Following a Car Accident

Brain injury following a car accident needs to be documented and treated for the greatest chance of a person being put back in the position they were in before the injury. Here are three important steps to take if you … Continue reading

Evidence Needed to Prove Loss of Earning Capacity

Helping understand loss of earning capacity claims in BC in today’s personal injury case the claimant was a passenger when a row of cars stopped at a red traffic light.  The light turned green and the defendant lifted his foot from … Continue reading

Awarded 2 Years of Future Income Loss – The Capital Asset Approach

The Honourable Mr. Justice Skolrood in Kweon v. Roy,2016 BCSC 2305  is the source of today’s article about evaluating loss of income in ICBC personal Injury claims. In Kweon the ICBC claimant was awarded $165,000 for Loss of future earning capacity and $175,000 … Continue reading

A Checklist for Future Loss of Earning Capacity Claims

The proper valuation of the loss of future income or earnings is critical to understanding how much an injury case is worth. When making a personal injury claim for future wage loss and loss of earning capacity in British Columbia the following … Continue reading

Court of Appeal Rewords Personal Injury Decision

The trial judge found the jury’s conclusions in this personal injury case to be conflicting and dismissed the appellant’s application to enter judgment on the terms of the jury verdict. He ordered a retrial to take place before him, without … Continue reading

ICBC Second Medical Examination Refused by Court

The ICBC adjuster required that the claimant attend at a medical examination with an orthopedic specialist following her car accident injury claim. The claimant attended and a medical report was ordered under Part 7, ICBC accident benefits.  The defendant then wanted the claimant to … Continue reading