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Large Award for Minor Car Accident due to Medical Condition

This car accident claimant with born with spina bifida, scoliosis and kyphosis. When she was three she had her fibula taken from her left leg and fused into her spine. All her life, she has suffered pain, primarily from the kyphosis. … Continue reading

$212,000 ICBC Injury Settlement Ordered to be Paid by Drunk Driver

The victim of a drunk driving accident settled with ICBC by way of an all-inclusive payment by ICBC in the amount of $212,000.  The drunk driver responsible admitted the settlement was reasonable but denied being drunk and refused to repay ICBC … Continue reading

Beating an Offer to Settle includes being Substantially Successful at Trial

In complicated civil litigation there may often be multiple orders of the court, some in favour of a litigant and some against. All the while offers to settle are being exchanged privately. What does it mean by the end of … Continue reading

Particulars of Special Damages Required in Civil Case

The lawsuit after a car accident injury usually includes a very general claim for losses such as “injury, loss and damage”. However, the insurance company lawyer can demand more details, what is referred to as “particulars” of your injuries and … Continue reading

Brain injured Rainmaker Described as the Best Lawyer

In this personal injury case a very competent young lawyer was  tragically rendered less capable overall from earning income from all types of employment due to a falling injury resulting in brain injury. She was awarded $5.1 for her loss of … Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyer for Highest Population Density in Canada

Living and working in Vancouver as a personal injury lawyer, topping over 21 years, has given me the rich opportunity of representing the most dense urban population in Canada. The complex mix of pedestrian and bike lanes straddling wide multi lane vehicular … Continue reading

ICBC Argument for Full Settlement Deduction Blown Apart

A sprinkling of true judicial magic was used to arrive at a fair award in this multiple injury case. This was a complicated personal injury case arising from three car accidents wherein the injury claimant settled the second of the three … Continue reading

$40,000 Awarded for Loss of Homemaking Capacity

This is a personal injury case arising out a car accident which occurred on Howes Street in New Westminster. As the claimant entered an intersection on a green light another vehicle suddenly turned in front of her causing a collision. … Continue reading

Business Pays for Poor Staff Training in Slip and Fall Case

This “slip and fall” personal injury claim was brought after a customer of the Chopped Leaf Restaurant in Kelowna slipped on an unknown food item (Robinson v. 1390709 Alberta Ltd.,2017 BCCA 175). The Court of Appeal has confirmed two important elements … Continue reading

Loss of Use in Auto Accident Claims Clarified by the Court of Appeal

This appeal from a $15,000 award as compensation for loss of use of his Ferrari resulting from the respondent car dealership’s negligence was dismissed. The court has updated and clarified the law that applies when a claimant loses the use of a … Continue reading