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August 2017

Road Rage Victim Awarded over $800,000 for Injuries

This claimant suffered serious injuries as a result of a road rage incident that began on the southerly on-ramp to the Second Narrows Bridge in Vancouver, and ended at the top of what is known as “the Cut” on Highway #1, in North Vancouver. The claimant and defendant became involved in a dispute over who cut off whom…

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ICBC Uninsured Motorist Protection Denied to 17 Year Old Passenger

A 17 year old ICBC claimant was a passenger injured in single-car accident in which a 15-year-old unlicensed driver lost control of a vehicle owned by another.  They were at a campground near Dry Lake BC and were going to buy hotdogs when the driver lost control of the vehicle while fiddling with the CD player. The…

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ICBC Offer to Settle Cannot be used to Punish Impoverished Claimant

In this personal injury case ICBC argued cruelly and unsuccessfully that a claimant with a meagre income should not be protected from the cost consequences of refusing a reasonable offer to settle. The injured claimant was on CPP disability pension and had not worked for many years at a full‑time job. His disability pension ended when…

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How Much an ICBC Case is Worth After Deducting Benefits

The worth of an ICBC personal injury case can be significantly changed by accident benefits received.  ICBC accident benefits are deductible from a personal injury case award against an at fault driver in British Columbia. Here are some important benefits to consider when reviewing what benefits may be deducted from an out of court settlement…

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Left Turning Vehicle at Surrey Intersection 100% at Fault

The fault of a left turning vehicle for a car accident depends on whether there is any vehicle approaching that constitutes an immediate hazard. If there is, the left turn should not be made. This case review reinforces this point as it applies to ICBC injury claims. This motor vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of 152nd…

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Best Offer to Personal Injury Lawyer After Settlement Futile

ICBC injury claimants need to be aware that accepting an offer to settle is a binding agreement and further requests to ICBC to make their “best offer” will be futile. In today’s case study the court was asked by ICBC to declare that the personal injury lawsuit was settled for $20,000 plus court costs, for which the court…

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ICBC Surveillance of Injury Claimants -The ICBC Medical Examination

ICBC can force injury claimants to attend a medical examination to verify the injuries claimed. In the past it has been a common practice for ICBC to have investigators follow claimants from their home to the examinations and follow them afterward. However the Court no longer agrees that this is appropriate and has ruled in…

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