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Use of Medical Records in Personal Injury Cases

  ICBC will often require medical records before paying benefits or agreeing to settlement.  However, when going to court records may not be admissible without the author being called to testify. Also, expert opinion must be delivered under the strict … Continue reading

Completing Online Forms for ICBC after a Car Accident

After 22 years as a personal injury lawyer I cannot strees enough how important it is that ICBC claimants avoid making misrepresentations or ommisions when reporting a car accident to the insurance company. This is almost never on purpose but … Continue reading

Punitive Damages Awarded for Trespass to Cut down Trees

This Prince George property owner was awarded $7,500.00 for  exemplary or punitive damages for trespass as part of a compensation package which included a permenant injunction and $10,500 in damages.(Stewart v. Phillips, 2018 BCSC 828) The purpose for a punitive damage award … Continue reading

Suing for Loaned Lottery Winnings Changes the Law

A 400 year old principle of law that a “promise to pay” is not enforceable has now been changed by the BC Court of Appeal. For ICBC claimants with outstanding accident benefits there is currently a limitation of two years from the … Continue reading

Loss of Future Earnings Awarded Despite Increase in Salary

When a claimant suffers a personal injury in a car accident the loss of income may not occur right after the injury but can take years to manifest. In this case review we examine the case of a young lawyer suffering … Continue reading

$170,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain

The injury claimant was stopped on Highway 1 at the Prest Road exit ramp when  a flatbed truck swerved and struck the left driver’s side of her vehicle. Shaken by the collision, at first the claimant took no notice of … Continue reading

No Mistrial for Withdrawn Violation Ticket Presented to Jury

The personal injury claimant was turning left at a dedicated left-turn lane in order to enter the parking lot of Kensington Square Shopping Centre on East Hastings Street in Burnaby, B.C. and collided with another vehicle travelling eastbound on East Hastings Street … Continue reading

Government Monopoly on Car Insurance Expanded-No Lawyer for you!

ICBC Personal injury caps, wiping out fundamental principles of fairness and compensation. ICBC and the current NDP are poised to extinguish the rights of all British Columbian’s injured in a car accident. On May 5, 2018 there was a large … Continue reading

Reporting after a Car Accident

This is what you need to do for an accident in British Columbia, a province with an automobile compensation scheme different than any other legal jurisdiction in the world. We have a combined no fault and tort based system for automobile insurance and … Continue reading

$175,000 ICBC Offer Rejected and Court Awards $174,360 plus Costs

An offer to settle in any personal injury case should be clear and unambiguous. The claimant and ICBC should use plain language when settling car accident cases. The offer  of settlement should avoid colloquialisms or idioms that are understood by … Continue reading