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August 2018

$115,000 Somatic Symptom Syndrome Pain and Suffering Award

This 46-year-old self employed bookkeeper and housekeeper sustained personal injuries in a rear end motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Lovers’ Lane and Cameron Taggart Road in Cobble Hill, British Columbia. After the claimant had stopped at the intersection, her car was struck from behind by a minivan. The defendants admitted liability. As a result of the…

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$1.2 Million Injury Award for Concussion, Tinnitus and Depression

This 47 year old plumber and business owner suffered injuries in a car accident on Highway 97 just south of Quesnel, B.C.  The other driver’s GMC pick-up truck crossed over the highway’s center line and collided with a trailer being towed by the claimant and traveling in the opposite direction.  The next morning he called ICBC and…

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Defining a New Money Offer as ICBC Awarded Legal Costs

This ICBC offer to settle case review focuses on the definition of the term “new money” when contained in a written settlement offer. ICBC offered to settle this personal injury claim for $105,000 new money plus costs but the claimant rejected the offer making a counter-offer of $450,000.00. The judge ultimately awarded $87,250, comprised of $80,000 for…

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Returning to School and Work after a Car Accident Injury

Car accident injuries can occur when starting a new phase of school or work. Getting back after a vacation or time off can make it difficult to heal as recommended by a doctor or treating healthcare provider. How to return to school with an ICBC injury claim and three important principles to understand when injured in a…

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Loss of Earning Capacity Awarded Despite Part Time Work History

In this personal injury case the claimant was injured when a car made a left-hand turn into his path while driving northbound on Nelson Avenue in Burnaby. The claimant suffered tinnitus predominantly in his right ear, dizziness, balance issues, jaw pain, and soft tissue injuries to his chest, neck, shoulders, back, and right shin. The soft tissues…

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Treating Doctors to Expect Only $20 fee for Testimony Says Court of Appeal

  In a stunning blow to victims of personal injury the court has upheld a decision to pay only $20.00 to compensate a winning claimant for the non-expert testimony of a family physician. Unfortunately this will mean treating healthcare providers will now be subpoenaed to testify without payment for their preparation and attendance. (Luis v.…

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Two Rear-End Accidents Atop Disc Disease Assessed at $507,000

In this multiple car accident personal injury case the claimant was rear-ended twice and developed a chronic soft tissue pain condition. He sought an award of over $1 million and  ICBC, the defendant insurer, was only prepared to pay $143,000. The insurer argued unsuccessfully that the claimant should be forced to attend active rehabilitation and his claim…

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